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December 05, 2007


Dunleavy deserves a flogging

I think a link to http://www.crooksandliars.com/2007/12/05/murray-waas-huckabees-role-in-serial-rapists-release/>this might help put this post in context. Otherwise, it doesn't make as much sense.

What's a bit of waterboarding when the prior commander-in-chief was a serial rapist and his wife had Vince Foster murdered?

Liberal hypocrisy. Harumph.

What about:


Dunleavy is odious. I always skip his columns in The Post, and I'm only reading to see what the oppo says (that, and the sports and gossip - covered from with an equally salacious attention to rumor and innuendo - are top notch)

The wing-o-sphere can't decide whether to blame Hillary for Dumond's castration or to wish they had done it themselves.

Arkansas is like "Arsenic and Old Lace". The same body keeps popping up in every room and in every scene.

If things are this vicious already in the primaries, what is the scum line going to look like?

The only mandate the next President is going to have is for revenge.

"Arkansas is like 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. The same body keeps popping up in every room and in every scene."

Jeepers, although I must have seen that at least 15 times, it's also been at least 15 years. Must add it to my Netflix queue of 496! Thanks, John! Tally-ho, and charge!

Some of my fondest memories of life with my now-deceased former sweetie involve long days at places like the Theater 80 St. Marks, and the St. Marks Place Theater, and the Carnegie Hall Theater, and a bunch of other rep houses that existed, and were the only place to see non-release movies back in the Seventies, before there was even videotape, let alone DVD.

Fond memories, to be sure. And Seattle had great movie theaters, as well, including the 45th St. theater, and the Cinerama, and a bunch of others.

So where the heck is Hilzoy? Is she well?

What am I missing here? Why are we re-posting a 1999 story? Cleek's link gave a blank page????

It looks like cleek's link was truncated. Here's the link again

Thanks. That clears it up. Sick!

I was particularly struck by this in the article at Huffington:

"The woman said in an interview that she wrote Huckabee out of concern for him. If she felt so much guilt about what happened to Ashley Stevens, she wondered, what private Hell would Huckabee go through if he commuted Dumond's sentence, and Dumond harmed or even killed someone else?"

The contrast with Huckabee's obvious lack of remorse is amazing. What is up with all these Christianist sociopaths littering the political field?

Ah, good times, the 90s. The whole thing reads like something out of a southern gothic novel.

never fear, Huckabee is deeply sorry these events have become politicized.

right. just now. they just became politicized just now. right.

Reverand Huckabee knows what forgiveness is all about. The good reverand knows that to pardon a convicted rapist is what his faith demands of any true believer.

Reverand Huckabee shows us all how to love the sinner. Release them from jail. Let them rape and murder again. It gives him another occasion to demonstrate his forgiveness.

What in does/did Wayne Dumond have with the Christian right? That is what's eluding me -- plenty of Arkansans must have gone to jail during Clinton's tenure who did not turn into causes celèbres.

As far as I can tell Dumond himself didn't have any particular connection to Christinaist rightists. They just deiced that hhe had to be innocent because the victim was a distant relavie of Clinntonand the victim's father was onne of Clinton's doonors.

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