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December 24, 2007


And to you, and to all (except the Denver Broncos, who, by the way the game's going, appear to have been naughty this year).

Sorry, but I'm fresh out, having just gotten my g/f one. She got me an iPod Touch in return. I'm about to discover if I can post here from it.

In a brief discussion of favorite Christmas movies an open post or two or three ago, I mentioned Love Actually, which I am, unsurprisingly, watching again on Christmas, and I have to say that every time I watch the press conference scene where Prime Minister Hugh Grant tells off reptilian U.S. President Billy Bob Thornton (brilliantly creepy as a weird combination of Bush and Clinton's worst characteristics!), I'm made proud to be British.

No matter that I'm, of course, not.

Yes, I'm still ultra-fond of this movie.

Not to mention Laura Linney.

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