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October 11, 2007


"Ergo, she is a HYYYYPPPPOCRITE. And stupid! And a Nazi b!tch!" [punctuation added]

Wow, that's just how Klein writes - she must follow his work closely.

the difference b/w malkin and say coulter is that coulter is (in my opinion) much more self-consciously ironic. maybe that's a poor way of saying it, but my point is that coulter (when she goes home at night) thinks of herself as an entertainer.

malkin, however, is different. not being as smart as coulter, she fancies herself an investigate journalist of sorts. and so, yes, she sputters rage. but this has clearly gotten to her. thus the bile-spewing rambling -- the bravado is (perversely) a sign of her insecurity.

coulter would never spit and spew like this, even though what she says is more obnoxious.

you know, i may make this a post. hold those thoughts

I don't see how Malkin can write so many angry posts in such a short time. I agree with publius, that Coulter seems more "normal" (!).

The Malkin post you linked to was full of anger, but one or two by Malkin earlier in this episode were even hotter in tone. I mean, really angry.

Quite simply, you can't have an exchange with Malkin. Just about every sentence she writes contains one or two insults. It's full bore in-your-face hostility, with no letup.

Malkin is deranged.

At least she didn't claim that offering her the opportunity to debate was an effort to silence her, like she says about everything else... although she came close! Check this out:

“Debate” Ezra Klein? What a perverse distraction and a laughable waste of time that would be. And that’s what they really want, isn’t it? To distract and waste time so they can foist their agenda on the country unimpeded.

What a brilliant strategy on our part. Distract everyone from our agenda by having an open debate on the merits!

OT - why is U.S. Marine Corps loser-defeatists and why do they hate america and love Saddam?

coulter (when she goes home at night) thinks of herself as an entertainer.

Nailed it.

She finds herself to be tremendously amusing, even moreso that she makes so much money from it. She likes he faux power and all the little minions drooling on her.

Though I really don't think she understands, in the big picture, how much damage to the process and debate she is really doing. Or if she does, she could care less.

Malkin is absolutely bat-shit insane. I wish they'd give her antics more press...then we'd never have another 'conservative' majority in my living memory.

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