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August 17, 2007


Hil: Kyle E. Moore of Comments From Left Field also just posted on this vitally important subject.

My god, what have we done? It makes you want to cry and scream all the same time.

Heartbreaking really: women are double victims as so often. By the way, do we have any indcation of who their customers are? Iraquis, foreigners, both?

Remember the women in Abu Ghraib that asked to be killed because the sexual abuse they suffered there would cause their family to murder them to restore the "honor" of the clan?
Or the interrogators that blackmailed women with threats to tell their families about the same?
I think there were some especially insidious cases where the interrogators even threatened to tell those things about women that had not (yet) been sexually assaulted.

One can only hope for those men that hell is a myth or they have something unpleasant coming.

Pffft. There's rich people to be saved right here and million dollar washers to be shipped to Iraq. The U.S. isn't made of money, you know.

The Cunning Realist (click on the blogroll to the left) has some sordid detail about who the customers are.

No surprise. Twenty-four-year-old Christian Republican apparatchiks did the screwing up inside the Green Zone, but our battalions of contract mercenaries venture outside for their screwing.

Foreigners of all kinds participate, I'm sure. It's an occupation and a war zone. Most occupiers end up pawing the local women. It stems the boredom from wrecking a country and a culture.

The secular but murderous Saddam Hussein was a feminazi, don't you know. That had to be stopped. Now, the women wear the veil, which our menfolk find arousing.

It could be worse. If Phyllis Schafly had her way, and she will, Iraqi women would be encouraged to don bunny suits to greet their men when they arrive home from a rough day of blowing up, I mean, throwing flowers at Americans and everybody else.

I haven't seen Laura Bush trotted out recently to speak of Iraqi women's rights. Another Rovian touch down the rathole.

I suspect, too, that the 15% flat tax instituted the minute our troops reached Baghdad has encouraged entrepreneurship among the women. Didn't Arthur Laffer have a second napkin on which he sketched the effect of lower marginal tax rates on Iraqi women's curves?

Many of the women refugees who have fled to Syria are also supporting their families by prostitution. Busloads of men come in from other countries; the NYTimes article about this isn't to hand now and my memory isn't what it used to be, but I seem to remember Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Truly, it takes a hell to make Saddam's dictatorship look appealing. But that's what there is now for Iraqis.


Any better?

Looks so on preview...

Pimps love wars because it produces new whores to exploit. That brings up the question, is it still mainly "free-lance" prostitution or are there signs of an organized (by males) sexploitation market? the former would be bad enough but the latter is almost impossible to get rid of again.

Nell: I have post a YouTube vid on prostitution involving Iraqi refugees here. The CFLF post linked above also goes into detail re: Syria.

Clearly another example of biased liberal media. I'm sure the right-wing noise machine will be right on it, demonstrating that there really is no "Suha" through the amazing power of kerning.

Ugh, you've nailed it.
Usually Arab mothers are referred to as Umm-fill-in-the-blank-with-kid's-name.
Suha is not a mother's name- UmmAhmed or UmmMohammed are mothers' names. Therefore the story is a crock.

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