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August 31, 2007


Cynic observation: maybe disbanding the police will indeed reduce the killing because a good deal of it is done by the police.
Showing evidence of reduced violence could be difficult: "This photo shows were a car bomb did not explode yesterday and this photo shows were no victims of death squads were found in the last week. This happy family was not slaughtered by non-US anti-Iraqi forces in the last week unlike last November."

Is there any reason to believe anything the military, the administration, or republicans in general say these days unless it falls under an exception to the hearsay rule? And people wonder why Americans supposedly lack "will" (or "grit" according to a certain guest co-blogger)?

According to those three groups, there's been nothing but progress in Iraq since "Mission Accomplished." Why the fnck are we still there then?

The IraqSlogger graphic reminded me that they're sub-only as of today. And they're being oh-so-professional about it.

In fact, the tone of the site all along has had a certain Milo Minderbinderesque quality. Mass slaughter as must-see-theater.

All I have to say is: they have been very nice to me at IraqSlogger. And I like their coverage.

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