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August 26, 2007


That's funny, coming from Ted. He's been married how many times? How much random sex has he had? I would bet a lot more than most "liberals".

The WSJ is opposed to gangsta rappers who use violent imagery, but Ted's a Repiglican rumpstain, so they're okay with his comments. Besides, he let Paul Gigot touch his favorite gun once.

My "favorite" Ted Nugent story, which he told himself in an interview, probably in the mid to late '70s in Creem magazine:
When he was a teenager in the wilds of suburban Detroit, he & his pals would cruise the streets until they found a nun, at which point they would ask her for directions, and ask her to show them on a map conveniently placed on the lap of whoever was riding shotgun. Said map would have a pre-cut hole in it, allowing them to pop out a certain anatomical member, once the nun's hand was as close as it was going to get to the map hole.
Now I'm not just an atheist, but an anti-theist, have no respect for nuns because they're nuns, just because they're human beings, & have performed my share of teen-age (& beyond) hi-jinks, but that's pretty disgusting, as well as criminal.

Amazing guitarist, does some good work with kids, a more principled Ann Coulter otherwise. The WSJ editorial page deserves him.

(The linked video is full of fascinating imagery. I had a clear memory of the iconic solo around 2:48 from seeing the video once 23 years ago - the rest though, yow.)

It's a good thing that DiFi's been a reasonable moderate on issues like Southwick; look at the respect it earns her.

It's a good thing that DiFi's been a reasonable moderate on issues like Southwick; look at the respect it earns her.

It's a good thing that DiFi's been a reasonable moderate on issues like Southwick; look at the respect it earns her.

When Ted Nugent speaks of "wham, bam, sweet poontang" he's speaking of sweet poontang within the sacred sanctity of the institution of marriage, of course. :)

In all honesty, though, as I said in another forum (Idolator) Nugent is like the Dennis Miller of rock: an aging entertainer who's run out of ideas and so recast himself as a "conservative entertainer" in order that he may keep perfmorming in a venue where the standards are much lower.

all you wimmin watch out, cause Ted's got a love grenade!

Nugent IS an amazing guitarist, but I understand al Zarquari's not bad either.

Their videos are equally good, too.

I have $100 and some delicious squirrel recipes that say Ted doesn't have the penis envy God gave him to show up personally at an Obama or Hillary rally and wave the machine guns around and offer to be the object of fatal fellatio to the candidates.

Ted's threats, like his sex, have the virtue of not being random at all. In the first place, he chooses a safe venue where everyone else checks their guns at the door, and in the second he used to alert his crew to escort the lookers backstage after the show to mouth sweet nothings over his pants armory.

He had an entertaining hunting show on T.V. a few years ago. I watched him put an arrow into the Nugent end of a wild boar and then take it back to the house where his 27th wife admired his hog.

The bore was wearing camoflage and whispering during this encounter, like maybe he was afraid of the animal. The boar on the other hand was naked and minding his own business.

He's yet another Republican who it would be fun to have a beer with if you can sit through the pious lecture about the evils of beer.

Why shouldn't the WSJ print Nugent despite his comments? The NY Times prints Friedman, despite his "suck on this" comment about Iraq on the Charlie Rose show.

Ted - Ted Nugent - lovely, sweet, soft, luscious Teddie Nugent - oh, how I miss his dessicated lips, his withered, crinkled behind, his little, tiny tiny tiny peepee; oh, dear Ted, where did the love go? Don't answer, you skinny little stain muffin you - just keep on prancin' and dancin' and spreadin' the good gospel of freedom, freedom to be you and me and Charlton Heston's colonic effluence...sigh. What...a...man.

Im not sticking up for Nugent but maybe some people should clean their own house before condemning others?

Lets go take a look at some posts at DailyKos and Democratic Underground and talk about stuff thats way over the line shall we?

Note also that the four Senators he abuses, if not actually threatens, are three women, & one man w/ a skin tone a bit darker than Sweaty Teddy's. And at the very beginning of the clip he says something about "Arnold," I'll assume that as it took place in Anaheim he's referring to the Governator. Like to see the two of them mano-a-mano.

Lets go take a look at some posts at DailyKos and Democratic Underground and talk about stuff thats way over the line shall we?

do those posts get run in the Wall Street Fncking Journal ?

It's certainly not a new act/idea for him--I saw him perform "Suck my Glock" in 2001.

(Ted Nugent opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd at Nissan Pavilion; that was a great show--the audience was as interesting as the performers.)

Remember all the outrage the Dixie Chicks sparked a few years ago when they apologized for George W. Bush? Remember the shit storms that Janeane Garafolo and every other liberal star who spoke out against Bush had to endure? Remember Charlie Daniels' rant about how rockers and movie stars had no place in political discourse [just before Ahnold was elected governor]? Well, where's the outrage now???

And for the record, Ted Nugent is a guitar hack! He knows about eight licks.

hello i am the guy who origially video taped the "ted nugent goes off on obama in california" rant seen on livelink. it was 8-22-07 at the feather falls indian casino in oroville,ca i posteded it on youtupe.com the following night under the youtube username KEVDOGEDOG if you get a chance look it up and see the companion video clips i posted there (1 where he welcomes the troop and states hes in oroville,ca). it was then upload to liveleak.com by another person and then it made the rounds onthe web and tv. i saw ted talking to glenn beck last night on hnn cable channel i just want to make sure people know when the clip was shot and by who. anyway thank you for your time i did enjoy looking at yur website today.
kevin carroll

I was unaware that DU or dKos was "my house". Clearly I own many more things than I am aware of.

And your cleaning bills are much larger than you realized.

On the plus side: rental income!

There is something behind the comments; Their anti-gun/anti-hunting (anti-American) attitude is embarrassing to our nation/national heritage.

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