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August 16, 2007


Nice Chris Isaak ref for the thread title. So, again. why isn't Congress impeaching this fool?

To be fair, "feeble", "barely articulate" and "stressed" is pretty par for the course whenever Gonzo discusses legal matters.

I don't think those two statements are necessarily contradictory. Comey's testimony showed that Ashcroft somehow broke out of the fog to tell Fredo and his lackey to piss off.

That said, Fredo is a fncking liar that deserves to be in prison.

Phil :"So, again. why isn't Congress impeaching this fool?"

Because they're "feeble", "barely articulate" and "stressed". If this is a Democratic majority, we might as well still have the Republicans.

re our feeble democratic congres:

yes, i'm deeply disappointed in them. to my mind, this is the time to charge ahead, not keep the proverbial powder dry.

at the same time, i do think their actions are the result of a strategy of feebleness, not merely temperamental feebleness.

that is, i think they hope to reap massive gains in 2008, and think the best way to do this is by keeping a low profile until then.

this was the thinking behind some really stupid decisions in the run-up to the 2006 elections. but they may feel it was vindicated by the '06 gains.

is calculated faiblesse better than merely temperamental faiblesse? ugh. to think these are our choices.

So the then WH Counsel, who is now the AG, lied to Congress about his efforts to convince the then AG to let US intelligence agencies do certain kinds of intelligence gathering that may have been illegal then, but are probably legal now.

Lying to congress is lying to Congress, but the political case would have been a lot stronger if 100% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats hadn't voted for the FISA redo.

This guy gives lackeys and toadies bad names. They should expel him from the union.

Man this place is dead today.

Nice Chris Isaak ref for the thread title. So, again. why isn't Congress impeaching this fool?

They are apparently too busy giving him the power to spy and wiretap whoever he wants.

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