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August 22, 2007


The military has a long long history of this: atomic bomb testing, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, etc.

On the one hand, there will always be people who try to game the system. Disability payments are for life. So they do have a responsibility to the taxpayers to get it right. OTOH they tend to go way too far in that direction.

I mean we have veterans right now who have been blown up by IEDs resulting in permanent brain damage who have to fight for disability.

I think the military would rather spend funds on their neat toys.

who have to fight for disability

What am I talking about – they have to fight not to be sent back to the front lines…

This is an unfortunate policy. I won't speculate on why the DoD policy is in place, as I'm sure there are plenty of people who can do that better than I. I concur with hilzoy, however, that the policy is wrong and should be repealed. As OCSteve notes, the DoD works very hard to protect taxpayer dollars when it comes to disability; if everyone in government was as mindful of money as the DoD with disability requests, the federal government would never run a deficit. This is something that Congress should act to repeal as quickly as possible, and make it retroactive so veterans already affected can receive the benefits they have earned.

As for where the funds can come from, I have some ideas, but they will wait for another time.

There's a really easy way to solve said problem - Universal Health Care.

As OC said these guys [An Army physical evaluation board, which determines disability benefits] have been making headlines for sometime. Many who have been through their grinder know they are highly political group and their evaluations reflect that.

OK I get a really bad feeling when everyone who responds to me on a thread here agrees with me…

Something is wrong. It ain’t natural.

Hmmm. To restate:

If their parents had done the proper genetic testing and aborted the fetus this wouldn’t be a question right? Why should DoD pay for the parent’s obvious mistake?

Note: For those who don’t know me this is me being silly – don’t freak.

Yuck. It is of a piece with the denial of disability benefits if the US can claim there were pre-existing psychiatric conditions.

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