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July 30, 2007


Let me begin by saying that I like open source software (I use linux at home) and violently hate proprietory formats (as in, for example, ms-word documents.) So I am sympathetic to the idea of open access, but I am quite uncertain about it. A lot of that has to do with ignorance, perhaps someone can answer some questions for me.
One of the reasons that the spectrum is being auctioned off, to my understanding, is that different devices interfere with each other. Hence by giving some company proprietory rights over some bandwidth, you allow them to assure that the devises used on that bandwidth do not create problems for each other. How is this issue going to be resolved?
What exactly is open access supposed to mean? From Publius's post, I have the idea that it might possibly mean that this peice of the spectrum would be open both to users and providers. But if that is the case, why is this peice of the spectrum being actioned off? Why isn't it simply put aside with government ownership? If any provider can use it, why would anyone want to buy it? How is the buyer supposed to recover the cost of purchase (or make a profit?)
Does Open Access mean, on the other hand, that it is open only to users? Does this simply mean that the provider must make the specifications for use of this peice of the spectrum available to all device manufacturers? If so, then clearly there is some benefit from getting competition in devices. However, the provider is going to have an incentive to extract all the benefit from being on the open access portion of the spectrum. I would imagine that this will simply mean that one would be able to buy open access services from the provider which would allow one to use a fancier/specialized device at a much higher price than one would pay to use the same provider, but on that provider's closed portion of the spectrum. Does this sound accurate?
thanks for any information

Jack - there's a lot packed in there but I will answer it later tonight as best i can (if others don't). I tied up for the rest of the afternoon

Publius: You are at your best here IMO. I really enjoy your posts on this topic. Factual, less snark, important to all - I appreciate them.

I am quick enough to gripe at you, I have to make the effort to acknowledge you when you are right on. Actually it is not an effort but a privilege. A good writer who really knows h/is/er topic is always a pleasure. You have informed me a great deal on this topic and I don’t even find the knowledge ‘tainted’ ‘cause you are one of them.

I appreciate your posts here.

thx ocs - very kind words and much appreciated

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