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July 20, 2007


"Or -- as I explained here"

A link there would go nicely.

As I understand it open access is only proposed for the biggest blocks. Smaller players are saying that the open access makes the spectrum undesirable for their proposed uses. If that is true, open access may drive smaller and medium size entities to the smaller bands. Given the great propogation attributes, AT&T wants the spectrum. They may think that open access-lite is going to drive down demand enough so that they get the spectrum at a discount.

that's possible -- some people are saying that. but again, the block size (I think) is key. what's driving smaller and medium players elsewhere is that they can't afford a spectrum block that big. That's exactly the point of keeping it big -- lowers demand and big boys get it at a good price. So you're certainly on to something re demand

i guess that open-access part is just a thumb on the scale -- it's not like, say, Alltel would otherwise bid on a block that big in the absence of open access.

OT (but media-related): Venezuela's RCTV returns as a satellite and cable channel, reaching 30 percent of households.

The non-renewal of RCTV's broadcast license limits access to its popular-entertainment-and-right-wing-news mix primarily among the poorest 70% of the population.

I just have to say that it is a wonderful thing to get regular posts on this, along with -- gasp -- comprehensible explanations. This used to be in the category of "gosh, I should try to understand this, but how??" issues. I like that it isn't any longer.


I'm grateful too, publius, lest my OT comment be misinterpreted.

Is AT&T not supporting Martin's original proposal on the basis that it's now the best possible outcome - it's either that or an even worse (from their point of view) degree of openness that the IT industry is lobbying for?

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