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June 06, 2007


Welcome to Texas Pub. Moderation is a virtue, no matter what portion they put in front of you. Good luck.

Where in Texas? And, it's not even hot yet, what are you talking about?

Well it seems that the surge won't begin until tomorrow, and yet despite this has been a roaring sucess for the last month or two.

If you're anywhere in Texas but Austin, you have my sympathies.
If you're in Austin: have fun!
I can personally recommend the sailing on Lake Travis.

Austin: the ur-Tucson. Visit Tucson if you have the chance: really, really great Mexican food. Austin too: I was only there once, giving a talk, but I sure had fun.

Honestly, I don't envy you your present whereabouts. Humidity. Heat. Other bad things beginning with H. (Herbivores? Hobnails? Hysterectomies? Heffalumps?) But if you have the internets, then life is better.

You do have AC, right?

No matter where you are in Texas, after awhile you will find that Taco Cabana is teh suck.

the queso at taco cabana is about the greatest thing in the world.

Hope you're settling in well, and am looking forward to some more regular blogging :)

I went to a three-day conference in Austin a few years back. I spent about 6 hours each day in the conference, and about 7 hours each day wandering about town and listening to music. It was fantastic.

If you've moved to Texas, I sure hope you had the good fortune to be coming to Austin. If so, welcome to our island of sanity in the deep red ocean.

Ah, TC!!! How I miss TC. And, coming from someone who lived in Houston for four years, Texas isn't all bad outside of Austin.

I just hope that you aren't living in College Station (and my sympathies if you are).

Taco Cabana?
Not having delved into your personal history, including as to where you have moved, allow me to say (as a Texan), only Chipotle is lower than Taco Gato (Meeeeeoooowwwww).
I am Houston-wise, but I know a thing or three about Texas cuisine.
Call me, Publius!
And unless you are afraid of Brown People, not only cooking your food, but also preparing the menu, then I can promise you a much more satisfying gustatory experience.
Oh yeah, and a more culturally-aware one as well.
And for all the Aggie-haters.....Fuck Youse!
College Station has it's place. Just like that small Massachusetts town called Amherst.
And so it goes.........

Polcephalus: profanity violates the posting rules. (Obscenity filters at work, and so on.) -- I don't mean this in a snippy way; just pointing it out.

Welcome to the great state of Texas. Despite what some say, Taco Cabana remains one of my favorite fast food mexican restaurants. Nothing like a bowl of queso, a cheap margarita, and maybe some flour tortillas on a warm Texas evening after a night at the bar.

Also, I prefer places outside of Austin. If you are there, it's not bad, but if you aren't -- just visit. It's overpopulated, overhyped, and hasn't been "weird" for decades.

Welcome to Texas.

thanks all - i'm actually in H-town and have been very happy with the food so far (including the queso at TC)

i'm also pretty psyched to vote against Cornyn - who would hold the coveted "Worst Senator in the Senate" award if it weren't for the utter wretchedness of the Oklahoma Senators

Welcome to Houston, publius. I live and work on the SE side (outside the loop). Feel free to email me if you ever want some recommendations for good food -- although I can't promise I'll stick to cheap stuff. We have some really good resteraunts, but like everything else -- the really good ones are pricey. :)

As for the heat -- it gets worse. MUCH worse, although generally it's not so humid. My AC is struggling keeping the house cool (the AC is new, but the insulation is in dire need of replacement -- but unless someone feels like tossing me 1500, it's happening next year not this year).

Personally, I'd rather live in Austin (cooler, less humid, neat place all around) or even San Antonio -- but my job is here, and despite the godawful climate, I do love my job.

Houston? Yikes.

That reminds me, though: One reason I started reading Legal Fiction regularly was because I thought you (publius) had some insight into red-state political culture. I wonder how living in Texas will affect that.

i actually lost $20 b/c I thought it was unimaginable to me that a major urban area would support bush -- but it did, 54-44. i found a good map that showed an island of blue and started celebrating and then i realized it was the austin county. yeah, not too sharp on the TX geography yet.

but i still think TX will turn Dem in the not-so-distant future (particularly when home-state people aren't running for prez).

If you're anywhere in Texas but Austin, you have my sympathies.

San Antonio is perfectly nice and civilized. And don't kid yourselves people: Austin is not what it used to be. Too many cars/highways now, for one thing. I wasn't crazy about Houston, but didn't spend that much time there. As fast food goes, TC is OK. But you can do way better, and you will. Good luck down there, pub.

BTW, speaking from experience, living in Texas can be strangely exhilarating for a liberal/civil libertarian. There's a frission available to you that you just don't get in OK, OH, IN, etc. It really is more like a country than a state.

We had a nice thread about dealing with the heat last year, might be nice to kick one off again. I don't know if my suggestion is available, but I live at the same latitude as most Texans, so the weather is similar, and here in japan, there is a body shampoo that has some sort of mentholated additive, so that when you use it, you have increased evaporation off your body and you feel a lot cooler. Imagine getting a few more hours of sweatfree-ness a day and you'll understand while I love the stuff.

Publius, do you find Houston to be any more hot and humid than DC? According to my son, who lived in DC for a while and is now in Baltimore, DC may be worse in the summer than just about any place in Texas. Anyway, welcome. Enjoy the food you will find in out of the way places. See San Antonio, where I grew up. Visit Far West Texas; you can drive to Fort Davis from Houston in, oh, say 10 or 11 hours, and you won't believe the difference. Did you know that Houston would be almost unihabitable if there was no air conditioning available?

Houston, we have a...publius?

OK, sorry for that. I'll say this though pub, I do envy you for the Mexican food. NYC is a Mexican food wasteland with only a few oases. But that might be the extent of my jealousy ;)

Poicephalus -- trying to make sense of the Amherst ref ... are you an Eph?

Wow, there's a lot of us in Houston. We should have a convention or something.

Welcome, publius! What I like most about Taco Cabana that it's open 24 hrs. It's great for those late-night cravings.

...there is a body shampoo that has some sort of mentholated additive, so that when you use it, you have increased evaporation off your body and you feel a lot cooler.

No offense, lj, but that's just too weird. It must make you highly flammable or something.

Grew up in North Texas - scary hot, but dryer than Houston. Houston is ... sticky. (I live in New York now, and summers are pretty nasty here too. As Henry Miller put it, "The breath of the city is hot down our backs.")

My father and sister both went to Rice and my family always had friends in town, so I spent a fair amount of time in and around Houston growing up. A few notes:

1) It ain't hot there yet. I always was told that before AC was widely available, the British consul in Houston used to get the equivalent of combat pay for living there.

2) Living in Texas involves lots of driving - hope you have a high-mileage car.

3) It is indeed weirdly liberating to be a progressive in Texas - and there are plenty, even outside Austin. Bear in mind that it was Houston that produced Barbara Jordan!

4) In addition to Tex-Mex, Texas has BARBECUE! Check it out - I'm a brisket girl, but the ribs are great, too.

Anyone who is talking smack about the great city of Houston is givin fightin' woids, ya hear?

I was born on another continent, have lived and traveled all over the world, and Houston is by far my absolutely favorite. I lived in Austin too, and Houston is 10 times better. And they're right, Pub re the heat: you ain't seen nuthin yet.

But I don't understand why people complain so much about the climate in H-town; for 8 months out of the year, the weather is freaking glorious. The four-month summers are oppressive, but it ain't like northern cities are fun places in summer, either, and everything is air-conditioned here, unlike there.

And check your gosh-darned LF email, Pub.

I was dubious as well, but I'm a believer. I went looking for some similar products over there, and this looks to be one, though it is interesting that all of the Western products of this ilk say that the stuff helps 'promote circulation', while the Japanese ones just say 'Cools you off!' Here is a Japanese blog post with a picture of two of the varieties, but I use the 'extra cool' polar bear, which is probably already more than you want to know.

publius: "i'm also pretty psyched to vote against Cornyn - who would hold the coveted "Worst Senator in the Senate" award if it weren't for the utter wretchedness of the Oklahoma Senators"

I resemble that remark! Although IMHO Kentucky gives us some strong competition.

Welcome to the heat belt.

Cornyn is an atrocity.
Taco Cabana is an atrocity.
Chuy's is neither atrocity nor atrocity.
Houston is hot. That is not really the problem.
Houston is humid. That is a real problem.
Chuy's has a Margerita called a dot that is a solution to both problems and non-problems.
Mea Culpa, Hilzoy for the f-bomb!
Farmgirl, Cambridge is to Amherst as Austin is to College Station. No clue what a(n) eph is.
Everyone, please remember that there is a difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican. We have always had good T-M, only now are we getting some real Mex. And that's a good thing.

Chuy's has the best enchiladas I've ever tasted. And although I can't stand tequila, and thus no Margaritas for me, my friends assure me the Dot is awesome. You should definitely check it out, publius.

Why I hate Houston: The humidity and the fact that my house was almost 80 degrees and somehow more humid inside than outside, despite the AC running.

However, that should all be fixed by the end of next week --- which is great, because it's getting really unpleasant in there. :)

Yes! I already told my daughter she has to go to college in Texas. I was thinking UT, but she can just do her undergrad there :-)

Visit San Antonio!

Definitely vist San An. And Corpus, Dallas/Ft. Worth (not really fair to lump them), and Austin. The Border towns are cool, but I can't really comment on the current situation since I haven't been there since this new thing with papers.
But live in Houston.

If you're ever in Corpus Christi make sure to try La Playa at SPID and Weber Rd. Great Mexican food with a Yucatan influence. The chile rellano stuffed with shrimp, mushrooms and cheese is delicious, as is the carnitas plate.

Welcome to Houston! (I've never commented here before, but am a regular reader.)

There's a restaurant called Fiesta Gudalajara over on Irvington that has great Tex-Mex. There's also a taco stand on Fulton just past Patton that serves authentic Mexican barbacoa -- $1 each.

Houston's a working city -- you have to search out the cool entertainment.

Again, welcome!

My favorite thing about Houston was the occasional Vietnamese-Mexican restaurant. Tastebud melting heaven. And since Katrina it is pretty much the place to go for authentic cajun. Not to mention steaks, and barbeque, and soul food, and good god food sucks in LA.

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