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June 20, 2007


Ugh. Althouse. For someone as fundamentally uninteresting as she is, she sure does manage to stir up quite a lot of fuss on the intertubes.

Clearly Bill was going to ask for a helping of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings but that was too obvious so he went with the onion rings.

Having been exposed to a great deal of Althouse-watching at LGM, I think that the fascination of Althouse for smart people is that someone so fundamentally stupid is able to pass herself off as intelligent.

She graduated from law school, she's a law professor, she gets op-eds in the New York Times ... and she is dumb as a brick.

It raises some interesting philosophical questions, which we could get around to, if we weren't so busy laughing our tails off at her drunken American Idol video.

She has to be kidding, right? No one's that weird.

No one's that weird.

Oh, yes she is.

Althouse always reminds me of the monty python where the magician puts a brick to sleep. Perhaps because of the associations Anderson points to , but also because she writes as though she is performing some difficult, dangerous, thought provoking analytic maneuver when her readers find what she writes to be, well, beyond banal and incoherent. Which is by way of saying that I can't decide if Althouse is the magician who thinks that he has demonstrated that the brick is "asleep" when it doesn't move or speak, or whether she is merely the brick itself.


althouse makes me confident that i can make it in legal academia

i was thinking to myself "surely this was tongue it cheek," but it doesn't appear to be. good lord

Wow. I certainly hope Ace of Spades doesn't come across that post.

Then again, it could be an EHarmony match made in heaven. And old guy with some extremely repressed sexual thoughts along with an old gal who's labia is crunchy and permanently stretched into a circle.

Wow again. I really wished I hadn't typed that.

Damn you Davbo!

Damn you Davebo!

what a dumb, dumb woman.

If she thinks carrot sticks and onion rings are sexual we're going to have to eliminate chicken wings and blue cheese from her approved snack list.

Speaking of onion rings....(scroll to bottom of post)


I like how she's coined the term "anti-Althousiana" as an automatic way to dismiss anyone who's critical of her. In terms of persuasiveness, it ranks alongside an imaginary scenario where George Bush argues that everyone who opposes the war simply suffers from BDS.

Finally, someone who understands why I never order onion rings. It's such a sinful, unnatural dish, those greasy things all piled up together. French fries are just as bad, of course. There's only one acceptable, natural way to eat these tasty fried appetizers - it's got to be an order of http://literalminded.wordpress.com/2004/08/07/no-such-thing-as-a-fring/>frings or nothing at all.

There seems to be a lot of derangement going on among University of Wisconsin profs these days. In addition to the Nonstop Nonsequitur Machine with the Bizarre Freudian Fixations, we also have the dean of American climatologists going a bit off the rails in his dotage.

Reid Bryson is 87 and helped lay the groundwork for the scientific study of global warming. Years ago, I had him as a professor, and he was known as a brilliant scientist and a wonderful teacher. He was a poet of climate, a lyricist of weather, a mesmerizing lecturer about climate's impact on humans and vice versa. Now he bad-mouths Al Gore and his skeptical statements are widely quoted by global warming opponents. What happened? The University of Wisconsin emeritus prof outlived his expertise and found himself stranded on the far side of a paradigm shift.

Because of his considerable accomplishments in the past, we should probably cut Bryson a bit of slack; after all, he is 87. But Ann Althouse is not.

When I saw the carrots I gasped, because it's an incredibly sharp visual rhyme with the Sopranos episode. The color orange is apparently a straight Godfather reference - it symbolizes death, and appears as the unlucky orange cat and as the Princeton tiger in the background screen in the startling Last Supper mise en scène the director arranged. I actually wonder if the Clintons realized the significance, because given Bill's heart problems it's shocking.

Last Supper mise en scène the director arranged

Whose hand is on the table?

The carrots are bad too, because of the orange and the Godfather reference.

Althouse is totally wrong about the onion rings too. The current state of informed commentary suggests that the analogy is with communion wafers and last rites. Which could have made a really interesting riff for Althouse to use if she had picked up on it.

"Urpoohdeutung" is terribly funny.

While I thought Althouse's "I doubt if any blogger will disagree" was ironic (and she's since claimed she was baiting her critics with that line), in her follow-up post (linked in an update at the original) she defends her analysis at some length - no irony there, and every critique of her has thus been largely on target. The woman is obssessed with Bill Clinton's sex life, and in her follow-up post she paints herself as some sort of bold, revolutionary media analyst who's "not so obedient" as the easily duped masses or whatever. Really, check out her follow-up, I think it's nuttier than the initial post.

she makes me confident that what legal academia's looking for is a complete mystery to me.

Ann is a high maintenance cigar humidor.

Re: Milne, "Pooh." Enough said.

Yet another thread in dire need of Mr. Thullen.

The woman is obssessed with Bill Clinton's sex life

She wants him. Enough said.

For some reason, I find the fake "translation" in the Pooh piece hysterical. One thing that's not in those excerpts is that the (imaginary) translator says that when there's a really tricky bit, he will put the original German in parentheses, and then, in the text, we find:

"hence [also]:

"the artist as artist [als Künstler]"

"his repressed materials will of necessity themselves express [sich aussprechen]"

"and so on [und so weiter]"

These make me giggle every time I read them. As do the references to the titles of Milne's books: The House at the Corner of Pooh's [Das Haus bei der Poohecke], As We Extremely Young Were.

Well, any interpreter who sees vaginas in onion rings is a little weird. On the other hand, the video -does- reinforce adamaging conservative narrative about the Clintons: namely, that Bill likes to indulge himself a little too much and that Hillary's function in the marriage is to police his appetites.

I think you're missing the real autrocity here: She chose a Celine Dion song for her campaign. No amount of hipness that might rub off from the Soprano parody can compensate for that, can it?

atrocity, even...(my spelling skill as atrocious)

"Last Supper mise en scène the director arranged"

'Whose hand is on the table?'

I read a suggestion that Andrea del Castagno is a better Last Supper reference here - I'll defer to Edward_.

Lots of visual stuff discussed.

I almost convulsed with laughter when I read the onion ring/vagina thingie.

Seriously, that is just about the most HILARIOUS thing I've read in ages.

And coming from the mouth keyboard of a Professor makes it even more surreal.


I have to quit trolling, I saw everything Ann had seen.

The only thing I can deduce from this is
a) Ms. Althouse is absolutely obsessed about Bill Clinton's sex life.
b) Ms. Althouse is absolutely obsessed about sex, period.

Since this woman is obviously secretly longing for a second career in Ms. Coulter's footsteps as a demented performance artist, it would save the Law School a lot of continued embarrassment if she would just quit, period.

Heck, I was toying with the idea of attending the U.of Wisconsin law school because of their strengths in Asian law, but I've had second thoughts considering the continued support of someone who looks to be well beyond the event horizon for insanity and increasing.

I've heard good things about a different UW asian law program

My favorite line from a different essay in "The Pooh Perplex": "After luring the worker Pooh into his home with never-paid promises of honey, the capitalist Rabbit traps him in the doorway and uses him for one week's unpaid labor as a towel rack!"

My favorite line from a different essay in "The Pooh Perplex": "After luring the worker Pooh into his home with never-paid promises of honey, the capitalist Rabbit traps him in the doorway and uses him for one week's unpaid labor as a towel rack!"

Liberal Japonicus, thanks for the link. I hadn't known about the U. of Washington law school as being strong in Asian law.

The other schools I've been toying with are IIT-Kent (IP, nanotech, international business) or outside the US entirely and go for a Commonwealth law degree.

Major problem is figuring out how to do this while growing a company!

Since no-one has linked it previously, the Wikiality page on the vagina conclusively proofs the error of Althouse's ways:

Vaginas have been said to be squishy when moist.

Strike another blow for truthiness!

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