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June 19, 2007


Haha. There's a kernel of truth there!

(Seriously, I didn't talk politics nearly as often until 2002, when it became pretty clear where things were headed.)

That is a pretty nice write-up for Steve. But then, he does some pretty nice work.

Yup. Those who had to endure my serial email rants finally got fed up. One guy approached me on behalf of the group and opened the world of blogs to me. Then I found this guy calling himself "publius" on Legal Fiction and I thought, "What a better way to use my time and energy."

that's guy's overrated, though his indie rock sensibilities are spot on

Hmm. I thought that the Politico was being tarred as rightwing and joined at the hip to Drudge?

You got that one bassackwards p-diddy.


I was thinking the same thing...and I would fathom that the answer can be found in some combination of these two things:

1. The "joinder" was a bit overstated, even if true in essence.

2. Even partisan outlets will throw bones around to create the appearance of non-partisanship. I mean, there is a "Colmes" (though I in absolutely no way want to imply that Benen is anything like Alan Colmes).

Eric: I’m sure you are correct. I don’t read them regularly, and I have not seen any concrete “outings” of bias. But the few (<10) articles I have read there just smell like it. Hard to describe, but it is like a vibe that stimulates a certain part of my rightwing brain…

Yeah, gets my spidey senses tingling too...

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