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May 30, 2007


it's bean fun gis, but l'ime having a chard thyme coming up with new puns.

besides, i yam beet.

I propose we end all this vegetable punning at a peas conference.

Jes: "I could have come up with half a dozen other examples."

You mean, old examples not relevant to the current political situation.

"Have I mentioned lately that I really hate the captcha mechanism? Compose post, hit preview, wait. Revise, preview, wait. Post, wait, wait, squint at squiggles, enter, wait, ..."

Something like 4 out of 5 times when I'm presented with the captcha, I can't make out at least one of the letters correctly. I usually have to then try at least three times before I can post. That's pretty much the optimal reality.

Then there are times, such as a good part of yesterday, when Typepad was simply broken outright, and one could enter the correct combination 20 times, but it didn't matter.

One has to be a very dedicated commenter to comment much to ObWi.

I'm seriously inclined to suspect that it might contribute a tiny bit to the level of general crankiness, but I could be simply projecting on that.

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