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May 01, 2007


Fortunately, Gonzalez can be shown to have withheld this from Congress, which is something he can be prosected for.

I think you may even be leaving out the worst part: even if all this is exposed, and everyone agrees that it happened and that it's awful, and the administration is punished for it....the damage has still been done. Some of the appointees have now become career DOJ people, pushing out their betters along the way. No matter what is done, it may take a generation to get things back to where they were six years ago. And even that might not be enough, if these snivelling little Stepford lawyers -- now ensconced or tenured or embedded or whatever the term is -- continue to have input into hiring.

it may take a generation to get things back to where they were six years ago

Mission Accomplished.

now about all those other Federal agencies...

A commenter over at "the left coaster" pointed out that the timeline for this is pretty damning. The secret memo transferred power to the juveniles just a few days before the patriot act was passed--in other words, at a theoretically crucial time in our country's history with historic changes being rammed through, changes that as we now know were used to further degrade our civil liberties. Changes which included the highly controversial paragraph enabling unapppointed and unapproved USA's to stay in position without confirmation hearings.

Its going to be hard to explain this to the american people because its pretty detailed and infra dig but we are going to have to try.

Shouldn't be too hard to explain how our CEO President's minions hired their buddies and misused their power for political gains rather than the country's good. Melamine munchies, anyone?

If the hiring process was illegally subverted is there any reason to claim that those hired under the illegal process are protected by civil service law?

Read It And Weep

No. Read it and get angry.

Thanks -

Rusell, I don't think I have seen anyone say this to you, but "You're welcome". In both meanings of the term.

So, this is one example of, can we say, 'outsourcing?' That is, giving plausible deniability to those in charge--which was on full display during Gonzo's testimony 2 weeks ago. And it is being repeated even further up the food chain--witness the attempt to hire an Iraq War czar. This is WH playbook material. Make no mistake about it.

To pick up on the first comment, are either this arrangement or withholding it from Congress grounds for impeaching Gonzales?

Not that there aren't plenty of other possible grounds for impeaching AGAG already. E.g. NSA violations of FISA come to mind.

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