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April 07, 2007


I bet a Roman aristocrat felt more welcomed in Palestine.

And the next day twenty people are killed in thhe Inndiana market.
It's been a long time since a Republican paid a big political price for saying something untrue. Hopefully the start of a trend?

Sam Seder had some good audio of his trip to the market with his wife.

I have to admit that is pretty darned funny.

There doesn't seem to be an open thread handy, but this is one of those headlines that just make you throw your hands in the air: North Koreans Arm Ethiopians as U.S. Assents.

Very funny, but not *entirely* fair. Truthfully, with the air cover and infantry escort McCain was *not* shot at. It should either be written with the narrator blandly describing what happens when he's not escorted (but not actually seeing it) or with the heavy military support not showing up that day.

You could add some seriously black humor about the market workers missing limbs, relatives, begging the military for mercy, etc.

The US allying with Ethopia and North Korea sure does sound like a Mad TV joke. But, hey, what do you expect when the US is running short of countries to subcontract torture to? http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/03/31/america/NA-GEN-US-Somalia-Detention-Report.php

Yeah, this one is better than the one I wrote, I mean, saw, in the Iraq thread a couple of days ago. ;)

How many versions exist?

Y'all oughta hie on over to Dependable Renegade, who's running a photoshopped series showing McCain in Indiana, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. Only his outfit changes; the armed guards are always there.

As many of the commenters there said, it's like McCain's our national garden gnome.

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