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March 06, 2007


Just remember, the code name "Curveball" has already been taken.

The incredible provocation of kidnapping a field grade officer and torturing him for information, may not succeed in provoking the war the Bush administration is seeking, but it should certainly be condemned by all civilized people.

The two posts above obviously mark the two possible extremes in interpreting the insufficient data.

Minor quibble. A general is not a field grade officer. Officers in the US military are normally divided into three categories, company grade (2nd Lieutenant through Captain), field grade (Major through Colonel) and general officer (naval = flag officer).

Clearly we need more information. Was he kidnapped, or did he defect? I can imagine scenarios for both.

Grain of salt you say ?
For a publication willing to suggest that a high ranking Iranian general may have taken part in a raid on a US command centre inside Iraq for no apparent necessity, reason or benefit ?

Could someone please coin the phrase "a nugget of bullshit" so it can be used as freely as this measurement of salt. Clearly the latter isn't appropriate for all circumstances.

99% probability this is what happens:
1. They ask him about the Iranian nuclear program.
2. He says that it's nowhere near building a workable bomb, let alone two. The authorities' bluster about it and their refusal to cooperate with IAEA etc is all a way to boost the regime's domestic image.
3. His answer is leaked to the press, scoffingly denied by "senior administration officials", and ignored and belittled by the Bush white house.
3. We don't hear the real story for another 10, 15, 20 years.

Grain of salt you say ??

Grain of salt I didn't say. Perhaps I should have said kilo instead of vat.

It is an interesting thing I hadn't heard anything about-- thanks for pointing out his going missing Charles.

The two posts above obviously mark the two possible extremes in interpreting the insufficient data.

Thank goodness for the sober, detached analysis of the denizens of the internets....

My guess is that he'll later emerge as a upper-level staffer at Exxon-Mobil. After the war with Iran, he'll "win" the election for President.

Not CIA. "Them guys could screw up a beach party." Army Intelligence, maybe. Or just plain ol' Green Berets.

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