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February 25, 2007


Canada? http://www.sabanews.net/view.php?scope=f9129&dr=&ir=&id=126697>Yemen is giving people trials.

Because we'd rather elect idiots who make us feel all rough and tough with their faux-cowboy act?

Because Congress is dominated by corrupt and/or cowardly people that abhor the idea of a clean break (at the neck of those responsible)?
I guess it is similar to the "We didn't know about the KZs, how dare you to remind us!?" mindset over here in 1945ff. Doing something would be a confession of wrongdoing.

Because we are bad people.

trials are a sign of weakness. by allowing someone to come to trial, you are acknowledging that he/she might have a case, and that your evidence and reason for holding that person might not be beyond question.

Because we suck bigtime.

Because the media and the public are still suffering from the aftershocks of 9/11/01, and are still reflexively prone to shrug off any abuses that might be inflicted on "terrorrists" - and uninterested in holding the government to account on behalf of people written off as "evil".

Because we're a great and good nation, a shining city on a hill. So if we're holding hundreds of men in hellish conditions with no process whatsoever, they must have done terrible things to deserve it.

They're "terrorist suspects", "taken from the battlefield." I know this is true because I heard Lee Casey saying so only a few days ago on C-SPAN.

In order to show God that we are Good, we need to keep some Evil around. If we can't find anyone Evil enough to make us look good, we'll just enhance 'em.

Emigration is looking better and better.

I concur with Tim's analysis. Big time.

This article on the participation of medical and psychological personnel at Guantanamo is worth reading as well. Worth remarking on, too, is the fact that the eventual investigation was instigated by FBI agents, not the clinicians.

Hilzoy, what are the chances of those participants losing their licence to practice.

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