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January 26, 2007


Sigh. IMO, RLB's 8:42 is worthy of banning, whether temporary or otherwise.

Perhaps banning is a bit harsh, but certainly a reprimand of sorts is in order. Meh. CB sucks and is (still) ruining the site, etc [/ironic grin.]

I confess that I might have been mean to Charles.

Perhaps, he did not in fact egg on the congressional Republicans as they heaved rhetorical Molotov Cocktails at President Clinton.

Perhaps, he scolded the congressional Republicans as they disrupted Clinton's efforts to deal with the Islamicist threat.

Well, I can not find evidence to support either of these suppositions.

What I do find is a confession that he carried water for this radical administration and its policies. That seems to me an admission of complicity.

Perhaps he will call me a steaming pile of crap again. Par for the course.

A comment to mattbastard before I get banned:

In a just world, would I be banned for echoing Charles's words back at him?

Think about it.

Robert L. Bell: we do not ban front page commenters, at any rate not unless they drop some sort of verbal nuclear bomb. We do express our dismay, as I did above. For my part, I disagree with Charles' response, largely because, in his place, I would not think that your response to him was just a response to his comment, and therefore I would be led to rethink my (Charles') claim that my original comment was "an opinion of the comment, not the commenter, which is not a violation of the posting rules".

However, since Charles does take that view, I'm letting Robert Bell off with a warning. We try to be civil here. Next time, whatever Charles' views, and whatever his conduct, I will ban you.

On the other hand, I hope I won't have to.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

The view that this problem (what happens after withdrawal) will go away if we just stay longer has no basis in reality.

dm, click to Roggio's site and you'll see how the American presence is stabilizing the situation in Fallujah. Read my Road to Haditha post and you'll see how Marines in Haditha were putting the town on the path to stability until the chain-of-command started jacking them around. Americans and Kurds are working hand in hand. If you look at the NIE, Iraqis are killing Iraqis less when American troops have a presence, and they are a stabilizing influence. Quote: "Coalition capabilities, including force levels, resources, and operations, remain an essential stabilizing element in Iraq."

What the NIE also made clear is that any progress is nigh impossible without al-Maliki exercising leadership, and it wouldn't hurt if an influential Sunni leader emerged who could work with the young Iraqi government. Al-Maliki has shown a little more spine of late, and the government did pass a resolution to help in that regard. The question is whether he can sustain it.

...let's start with the fact that you've been wrong about damn near everything when it comes to Iraq.

Actually, Anarch, that would be an opinion, not a fact, had you read my comment to Hil upthread.

I'd just like you to point out in this post where you think there is any acknowledgement, not that you were wrong, but that some of your critics here were correct in their points over the past 33 months.

Consider it acknowledged, LJ.

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