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January 11, 2007


As I said yesterday, more or less everyone outside the administration and the American Enterprise Institute thinks it's a good idea.

I think you're missing "not" somewhere.

Ugh: eek!


Hilzoy meant to write that "more or less everyone, from the President's point of view as he gazes down at Barney, outside the administration and the American Enterprise Institute, thinks it's a good idea. The latter two think it's a great idea, while Barney is wagging his tail because he just wants to go outside for a shrubbery check.

That said, may I extend the hope that this latest Bush plan works, because Kaplan's words scare me.

If, somehow, the Democrats shut off funds for the surge, I expect the White House will retaliate with a nearly total government shutdown.

Which brings me to my latest crackpot theory:

While everyone searches for the reason behind the War in Iraq, I believe it was a way for Bush and the far Right of the Republican Party to sequester tax dollars away from the rest of the government. There is more than one enemy targeted here.

Well, I'll work on that some more. Time for a cocktail.

Ulp via Ulp.

There's also this problem that you might have to deal with, surge or no surge


Apparently not an acttual declaration of war the way it would be if it was an embassy rather than a consulate but still pretty provocative.

Is it just me or is picking a fight with Iran a really really stupid idea right at this point in time?

Just swong by the Lafayette demonstration across from the White House. Was offered a candle but said no thank you* (had to come back to work). My first demonstration!

*Was that you KCinDC?

"swung by", even

Is it just me or is picking a fight with Iran a really really stupid idea right at this point in time?

when has this administration ever done anything that wasn't double-take-stupid ?

Funny, how all that same logic applies to what Bush has done the last couple of years, but was deemed wrong by all the intellectuals. Now he does what you always wanted and its still wrong. BDS is rampant.

Forever we have been hearing about more troops being needed. Now that you have it you don't want it. Hypocrisy seems to know no boundries.

No big deal... I'm sure the troops will "feel" supported.

I just have to talk to my buddies and tell them that you all really do care. For some unknown reason those who are fighting don't feel supported.

Must be those guys Kerry was talking about. Those guys don't know when they are or aren't being supported.

Go figure...

I'm not sure that it's a spine that needs to be grown, but taking off the Bush blinders could be helpful.

Bril will trot out this same argument when Bush sends the troops to invade Iran. "You moonbats always wanted Bush to leave Iraq... and now he has! Are you ever satisfied?"

It has been said that a dog understands time in only 2 increments: right now, and forever. Going by Bril's example, this might not be limited to canines.

Several years ago -- back in 1995, to be exact -- I had some car trouble, in that the car I owned at the time died. It had a complete mechanical failure, and I couldn't drive it at all anymore. Nor could I afford to fix it. And, as it happened, I still owed money on the car. Money that I didn't have and couldn't pay. So, a repo company came and took away my unworking car.

Now, 12 years later, I make a BUNCH of money, and I can totally afford to fix AND keep that car. And so I called the finance company, and it turns out they don't even WANT my money now. What a bunch of hypocrites. They sure wanted my money when it would have accomplished something, but now that it won't, they turn up their nose at it!

This analogy might be instructive for the non-hydrocephalics in the audience.

Perfect - Bush now has Barney, Laura and bril in his corner. Oh, and Joe Lieberman, of course. On to Tehran and Damascus!

(Do Chuck Hagel, Sam Brownback, Susan Collins, etc also suffer from "BDS", bril?)

"Hypocrisy seems to know no boundaries."

I'm a One-Worlder for exactly this reason. This is the one thing all of us mortals have in common.

Hypocrisy will unite us. Make Hypocrisy, not War, brother! Hypocrisy will set you free, my brothers and sisters in Hypocrisy!
Hypocrisy is all you need! Give Hypocrisy a chance! War is over if you are a Hypocrite. God is Hypocrisy.

I think I've already responded to Bril's accusations of hypocrisy here.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for a response, because I'm pretty sure Bril doesn't bother reading what people have to say. Even the first time.

[Argh, I wasn't able to comment on ObWi at work today. For some reason typepad.com wasn't responding, so things always timed out.]

*Was that you KCinDC?
It might have been, Ugh, but there were eight or so of us handing out candles and signs. There's a not-great photo (from last week) here, and I was wearing the same coat and scarf.
Perfect - Bush now has Barney, Laura and bril in his corner. Oh, and Joe Lieberman, of course.
Matt, you're assuming that Bril isn't Laura or Lieberman or Bush himself -- or Barney, since as we all know, on the Internet no one knows ...

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