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January 20, 2007


And who, pray tell, gets to monitor the Corner to monitor the bet?

me of course. so, um, take the under

me of course.

Lay in a lot of good booze. And maybe some soap.

Better yet, disinfectant. Something really strong.

for those of you who don't know byrningman, it's his 29th birthday.

i know what you're thinking. i don't care about a dude whose pseudonym is some stoner festival entendre involving his last name.

but i swear, he's an ok guy, living with monks in algeria.

A birthday prezzie for byrningman

41%? Of course I'll take the over on that. That's like betting on whether or not a politician will lie.

What counts as "relating to"?

Say for instance my dream comes true and Cheney (o please o please o please) is impeached. Do posts about the impeachment process count if they mention HRC in passing? If she is invoked as one bogeyperson among many? If the post starts out being about Cheney's impeachment but then starts talking about Bill's and then about how this all is Hillary's Revenge? Or does HRC have to be mentioned in the post's title, summary, or first paragraph for it to count?

Actually, it's kind of funny that the NRO is so obsessed with Hillary-hate. As the Democratic field is shaking up so far, she's the most conservative of the lot.

but i swear, he's an ok guy

despite kovarsky's endorsement, i really am an ok guy.

btw, does anybody else kinda like Richardson, or am I just projecting my undying enthusiasm for the Very Large Telescope Array in NM for all things New Mexican?

No, I like Richardson very much. He's the most substantive candidate so far, in terms of actually running things and doing things and accomplishing things. It's just that he hasn't gotten much attention yet, and there are (sigh) rumors of personal peccadillos.

I'll be very interested to see what kind of attention he does get, and whether he can shape the coverage to his benefit.

The thing I don't get is that Hillary is almost coronated queen by the mainstream media and we are TOLD she is our favorite by far (shudder) yet they don't tell about her 6 years passing time in the Senate. for all her hullaballoo about how experienced and great she is, she has not introduced one major peice of legistation. What the hell has she been doing for 6 years? I mean, we have Edwards and Clinton marking time and not doing anything to speak of for 6 years, and yet they say that Obama is a flash? If anyone checked, the man has pages of legislation he has sponsored or co-sponsored in 2 years.
So my question for Hillary is: Where's the Beef????

"there are (sigh) rumors of personal peccadillos"

I've lived in NM for 30 years and I've never heard any such thing. He's generally liked here but some don't like his politics. He's really an old stye democrat. Glad hander, a joker sometimes but very experienced. If not pres the ideal vp.

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