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January 21, 2007


I wonder how much will be made of Payton's decision to kick the long field goal instead of punt. I said it was a mistake at the time, given the momentum, and field conditions, and the fact that Grossman was at the time having a hard time finding players wearing Black, what with his left hand wrapped around his throat...

Don't over analyze this. The Saints lost because they turned the ball over four times. You can't do that and win in the NFL.

I still have faith in the Pats' ability to come up big in this, their time of the game and of the year. But yeeesh, I felt a lot better about this game at 21-3. :(

Holy gee, that was one helluva game. I rooted for whoever had the ball (which confused my kitties, what with me yelling "Throw the godd*mned ball!" impartially at both teams).

High scores and lots of offense make Casey very happy.

Trivia bit the sportscasters pointed out: Both teams in the Superbowl have black head coaches. That soft squishy sound you hear is Rush Limbaugh's head exploding :)

Re: Rush - still an a$$***e, even when it comes to football.

Hey, the real news is that the Saints are in the playoff picture at all. And of course that a former Boilermaker is making good in the NFL.

Secondary real news is that now Peyton gets a chance to improve his record against Florida quarterbacks. Which has been pretty sad up until now, I think.

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