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December 01, 2006


Cool. Hey maybe he's angling for a shot at that Ibrahim prize. Who says market-oriented solutions don't work?

I'm hardly one to object to good news, and I agree that the news is good, but it's too early to break out the champagne. There's a battle royal going on in the National Assembly right now between the Kabila and Bemba blocs, with the former trying to keep the latter out of committees and the latter threatening street protests if they're denied participation. The mass political arrests that followed the post-election clashes (including both the sweep of street children and the indictment of a prominent human rights lawyer) are also a sign that the country is reverting to soft dictatorship. That, and the continued sporadic fighting in the east, don't bode particularly well.

But it's a lot better to worry about these things than about full-scale civil war.

58% -- too large a margin for allegations that he had not in fact won to be plausible,

It's really sad, when the kind of thinking is required in the United States as well.

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