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December 06, 2006


It seems to me there's one fairly simple answer. Draw up a list of the biggest subsidies, giveaways and tax lists to Republican interest groups and make sure weveryone knows those will be the first places hit if the budget needs balancing - and then do it.

Can we have our grownup politicians back now, please?

I would settle for reasonably responsible teenagers.

Like Kevin Drum, I'm eagerly waiting for those pro-family GOP Representatives to mandate a three-day work week for the rest of us.

Also, hilzoy: stop telling the Republicans to not not pass bills. Way to be the Party of No; don't you have any positive ideas?

That's what I love about the House Republicans

gratuitous generalization. you really should've listed, by name, each Republican House member that offended you, with a detailed list of his/her specific offenses. otherwise, this whole post is deeply offensive to me and everyone else who demands that you write like a lawyer.

Thanks for writing about this.

Contemptible government-hating punks come to Washington in 1994 and now leave unchanged, with the exception, natch, of the silk lining their pockets. To call them children is to molest the concept of childhood.

I'm so glad you included the Kingston quote. This guy is a frequent contributor to Bizarro World, otherwise known as the Anbar Province of American politics.

So, what is he admitting by claiming that "Marriages suffer"? Has he been whoring around without using protection? Is his wife lonely? Does she need some tender-loving earmarks? Can't she trust him to bring home the bacon? Has he been flirting too much with Phyllis Schafly, Michelle Malkin, and Jack Abramoff? Why are these folks' families so fragile? Don't their vows and committments mean anything to them? For "better or worse" didn't include screwing up the domestic and foreign policies of the greatest Nation on Earth?

Self-righteous, whining, incompetent, war-loving, adulterous, unAmerican, corrupt, terror-loving aliens, the lot of them.

Investigate them, harass them, draft their kids and grandkids and parachute them into Iraq. Let them keep their precious guns for the effort. Cut their funding as soon as they reach the Green Zone. In fact, designate wherever they live in the States as a Green Zone. If they try and come back to Washington, Iraqify the roads to the airports, bus stations, and train depots.

Send me a line-item veto pen. The pavement leading to their driveways, which I helped pay for, will be jackhammered out. If they camp in a National Park campground, I'll privatize it in the middle of the night and kick their sorry butts back down the trail and off my land. The pages may put their pants back on and stay till morning as a sop to victims' rights. Pollute the water coming out their taps and collect the carbon dioxide coming out their lungs and sell it back to them to balance the budget.

Give them each an autographed hard-bound copy of "Atlas Shrugged", a very heavy desk and an office on what's left of the polar ice caps. Mandate a seven-day workweek. Then rev up those power plants and Hummers because I think I can get into some extreme global warming. Maybe Rand's wooden characters will float.

Put a sculpture of the lot of them in a glass case in the Smithsonian, then defund that entire wing of the place and donate the sculpture to France, where it will stand in a harbor somewhere, their collective Gingrich middle finger raised toward the U.S. Government and an inscription that reads:

"Send us your spoiled, your rotten, your conniving, your splenetic, your dyspeptic, your preposterous, your craven, your creatively destroyed."

O.K. I'm done for the day.

P.S. Any and all resemblance to rank and file Republicans here, or in my neighborhood, or in my family, is wholly unintended and accidental. Kingston is Kingston only. Gingrich is Gingrich only. The "lot of them" includes only elected officials and political appointees, not to mention most Texans, with the exception of Bob McManus. The rest might be very nice people but why take a chance and resurrect political correctness at this late date? The name DaveC. has not been used in this rant, for good reason. Well, a pretty good reason. Actually, only a barely acceptable reason having to do with an abandoned Valiant and a cold zipper. Who cannot be charmed by that? ;)

This guy is a frequent contributor to Bizarro World, otherwise known as the Anbar Province of American politics.

That. Is. Awesome.

Oh, and John Thullen is shrill.

A reader writing in to TPM has an even more pointed response to Kingston's sniveling: "How about the thousands of military marriages that have ended because of husbands and wives being deployed for a year multiple times?"

John: even by your normal, amazingly high standards, this is wonderful:

"Maybe Rand's wooden characters will float."

I will be giggling for weeks.

Bush gets to play in this game with the Democrats starting in January. Perhaps the goal is to utterly demoralize and depress the new congress and the base. He will veto everything not to his liking. We have see this month that his party will do anything, anything and Bush will not be the responsible one.

So will Democrats completely cave? Or shut down and declare war? I don't know.

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