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December 23, 2006


a pox on whoever it is that sits between MusiciansFriend.com and UPS, for 'losing' the order i placed on the 15th, instead of getting it on the truck so it would be here in time for The Big Day. and a pox on MusiciansFriend.com for not noticing that the order is 'missing' on their own.


Don't burn down any Christmas goats while I'm gone.

Well, how can I have any fun if I can't do that?

Have a good one, Hilzoy!

In northern Luzon, the island in the Philippines on which Manila is located, they serve, for special occasions, the intestine of the goat, in little sections like spring rolls. The yummy, key part of the recipe is to not purge the intestine before cooking.

If memory, formed during way too many San Miguel beers, serves. There was much appreciative uproariousness when I asked for seconds.

Truth be known; I wished I had found that goat ahead of time and burned HIM down.


I've had good luck with MusiciansFriend, the catalogue. Though I'm always suspicious when businesses want to be my friend and waitresses call me "honey".

Merry, Happy, Healthy to all. Get your own nouns.

If at your party or dinner, they have those pistachios that are dyed red, don't go eating them over and over again, no matter how good they are. It's not just the embarassing telltale red fingers. You don't want to wake up Christmas morning, go to the bathroom, and freak out seeing the bright red toilet paper. ODEARGOD I HAVE SOME TERRIBLE BOWEL DISEASE!!!

Take this advice from one who knows.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all here. While we rarely agree you all have my respect and my honest best wishes for this holiday season.

The war on festivus rages on in Wisconsin.

I still don't have a Festivus pole up. :-(

Oh, btw - UN Security council unanimously approves sanctions against Iran: BBC News.

Merry holiday to everyone. BTW, have you all noticed how popular Hilzoy has become? It used to be that whenever some other site linked to her we would all rejoice. Now other sites link to her all the time. Congratulations!

Now other sites link to her all the time

I believe I ran across this twice just this last week. Those links were in agreement with hil. Wait until she gets linked in disagreement from a wingnut site – influx of trolls. But you all are up to the task :)

I've had good luck with MusiciansFriend, the catalogue

i decided to take matters into my own hands... so i went around to local stores to find an equivalent to what i'd ordered. i found it, bought it and brought it home. then i tried to cancel the order with MusiciansFriend, thought it'd be easy since it hadn't actually made it to UPS yet.

well, in the three hours since i first called, they found the original item, and it's already on a truck somewhere. can't cancel it.

there has to be a name for this law: the best way to find a lost item is to buy a replacement.

Yes, Merry Christmas to all.

I believe I already had my Christmas present this year--after drinking a large quantity of beer, wine and Grand Marnier a couple of evenings ago, I woke up without even the twinge of a headache. Thank you Santa.

In the Philippines they also like eating boiled duck eggs with little ducks inside.

In the Philippines they also like eating boiled duck eggs with little ducks inside.

I'm under yr tree, opening yr presents.


The Christmas cards we rushed to send out last Tuesday actually made it to their destinations today (Saturday). I'm amazed.

However, we still have to buy a gift for both of our sets of parents and bake a batch of cookies. The fiance is working midnight shift right now, so it will be fun trying to fit all this in (on Christmas freakin' Eve) while he's trying not to fall asleep...

I (and Mrs. Dr Ngo, and about a hundred others) just sang a Service of Lessons and Carols with/to a capacity (=1500+) crowd at Duke Chapel, ending with the "Hallelujah Chorus" right after midnight.

And I'm an atheist.

So, peace on earth to *everyone*.

Just for the hell of it. ;}

The turkeys are in the oven, the potatoes are roasting right under them, the table is neat and tidy, the wine is chambrating... Let the guests come :)

Best wishes for everybody!

Merry Christmas!!!

Tired of the lies? Read the real stories!


James Brown has died, and Ethiopia is at all-out war with Somalia, and the US is inextricably involved. I say "bah, humbug!" to these things.

And no one ever commented on this.

Merry happy to you Christian types. I'm still surrounded by deep piles of snow.

Well, outside the apartment building, anyway.

Hilzoy will probably want to note that Curt Weldon's Able Danger claims have been shot down by the Senate Intel Committee.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Get Up Offa That Thing, Gary.

One two three fo

Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing.

Get up, Git on up, hunyh.

The way I like it
is the way it is
I got mine
Don't worry bout his.

Papa don't take no mess.

Take me to the bridge
I say take me to the bridge


Shake yo moneymaka, make it funky.

I'm feelin tired, Bobby, weary.

Let's hit it one mo time.
Can we hit it one time ...

... and then quit?


Dr Ngo, did you say hello to the Robert E. Lee statue on your way in?

Ok, I'll say it. I never got James Brown. I got Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Marvin & Muddy, hell I like "Straight Outa Compton".
But I never liked James Brown.

And don't ever ask me to dance.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

I went to a Solstice Party Thursday night, a Christmas Eve Eve party Saturday night, and I'll be heading out to a Christmas Day gathering in about an hour.

It's been a fantastic holiday weekend. Hardly any loot to speak of, but I really don't care much about that. I lived like a hermit for too many years. That I have so many wonderful friends to visit with - that they were loving and patient during my hermetic years - is truly a gift and a blessing.

Speaking of Christmas goats: over on Bizarroworld, a Republican just declared his trust in al-Qaeda.

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