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December 18, 2006


The Republican Party continues to surprise me. I had known that things were bad with regard to regular budgeting, but not that bad.

Hey, as it turns out, all those Republican earmarks were just bones they threw the Democrats to get them on board with the war. Since, you know, they just couldn't have done it without them.

"What Rep. Weldon didn't say is that he intends to steal our nation's nuclear secrets and pass them on to Osama Bin Laden........

..... not true."

Not so fast. What you have here is a guy named Dave which rhymes with Curt who went to the same clown school as Santorum and was taught by the funniest clowns with the floppiest shoes, otherwise known as Gingrich and Norquist and Barnum, all of whom would do anything, including giving our nation's nuclear secrets to Osama bin Laden, if they thought it would add to the circus entertainment they've given us since 1994 and would give them the slightest advantage in their efforts to f--- up our hated government, demonize their fellow Americans, otherwise known as liberals, and hand our enemies every possible advantage.

Elections are too good for these people. A government that is hated so much by people like this ought to hate them back.

I'd suggest a 100% confiscatory tax rate for all former and current Republican officeholders and political appointees spawned by the clown class of 1994. For starters. It's not like their contemptible contempt for their own government could become more contemptuous. Bilious, damaging

I feel sorry for the private sector firms and organizations who take in these sorry, spiteful incompetents. No doubt they'll be the first to ask for backdated option grants, because lying and cheating lets freedom ring.

What I really like about this [not!] is that raises for government employees are delayed until whenever the new congress can clean up after the Do-Nothingest congress: then it all arrives in a lump and will be taxed at a higher marginal rate as a result. We'll get it back in 2008(!!), thanks for nothing.

This is a great demonstration of how putting people in charge of something they actively despise is a Really Bad Idea.

I realize the 30% or so of GOP dead-enders will still pull the R lever, but perhaps enough of these facts will emerge to keep that number from growing.

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