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November 20, 2006


Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

Somebody want to get this guy on TV? This is the kind of political comedy we're going to need to survive the coming apocalypse.

Shades of Dick Tuck.

I read somewhere (dKos, I believe) that the State of Connecticut required a minimum enrollment of 25 (presumably human) souls for official qualification as a "political party". Since the Joe Party ended up on the ballot after all, perhaps Mr. Orman will not find his quest for partisan affiliation such a lonely one, after all!

Jay, according to the story in the Stamford Advocate (via), while Lieberman got the support of 29 "friends and relatives" to establish his party, none of those 29 "friends and relatives" changed their party registration, and at least one of them is quoted as saying he didn't believe that the "Lieberman for Connecticut" party would exist after the 2006 election.

Remember -- it wasn't "Lieberman for Connecticut." (That would imply Joe was actually interested in doing things *for* Connecticut, as opposed to the other way around).

The name of the party is "Connecticut for Lieberman" -- it's a one-way street.

That's hilarious. New England produces an interesting breed of political cranks.

Here's an interesting question.

Can people in other states register the "Connecticut for Lieberman" party in their state, and join?

I'm registered Democrat right now, but I'd be tempted to switch to the CFL party in Pennsylvania.......

And I'd love to go to the polls in November and see "Connecticut for Lieberman" on the ballot.....

Good point, zmulls. I'm reminded of the story about a rich man who falls into a well and is floundering about trying to get out. The townspeople gather round and try to help him. "Give me your hand, sir! Give me your hand and I will pull you out!" But he keeps flailing and doesn't reach out. Finally one of them figures out what the problem is. "Take my hand sir! Take my hand!" he says.

Speaking of heros (and, you know, we're short on open threads): Ian Thorpe retired. Too bad; I was hoping to see him make it to the 2008 Olympics, at least.

Hard to put the "greatest swimmer that has ever lived" on any one person, but Ian's got as strong a claim to that as anyone. Plus, as far as I've seen, he's actually a decent and pleasant person.

Marshall Wittman is now Joe Lieberman's communications director (or, more accurately, is now getting paid for his services.)

Meanwhile, Radley Balko is still on top of the usual domestic problems.

This, on the other hand, is tragic comedy.

john orman has got to be the BIGGEST dork in the world...what a loser lol

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