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October 27, 2006


Apropos of maybe nothing - I just wanted to get the link in before I spaced it - but an interesting political analysis of BSG's appeal to a certain audience: Battlestar Galacticons (via TAPPED).

Just an offhand observation, since I haven't seen any of BSG, but the mention of the lone human traitor among the Cylons reminds me of the last installment of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the graphic novel) where the Invisible Man is punished for his collaboration with the Martian invaders by Mr. Hyde. It's a scene that is incredibly gut wrenching, and something that I can't really erase.

I don't know if I would have participated, since now that you've got me watching it, I tend to be all wrapped up while it's screening. But it's great to come here once it's done and not have to wait even a nanosecond for Galacticablogging.

I thought, as you did, that it was all tied up too quickly. I'm not sure what else they could have done, if they wanted it all confined to one episode, but I think that would have been an argument for letting it expand into two.

I now wish I'd seen all the previous seasons. Am I, for instance, supposed to remember some previous act of nobility on the part of the old guy with the eyepatch, that makes it harder for me to think: geez, I'm sure this guy has lots of good points, but should he be in a position of leadership? I strongly suspect that it would be a lot richer if I had some idea what -- Kara? -- used to belike before she was locked in the cell.

But it's great. (Still not as good as The Wire, but then, what is?)

I can't think of much noble about Colonel Tigh. He's an alcoholic who's been pretty much nasty and unpleasant since day one.

And Kara Thrace was pretty angry before she was locked in the cell, as I recall.

Really, that's the biggest weakness of BSG, for my money. Characters with flaws are interesting, but BSG tends to forget that characters also have to have some virtues that will make us care about them.

Damn you to heck, I'm reduced to trolling iTunes for the new episode. I finally caught up last week after weeks of rented DVDs (the pirates on these internets are overrated) and now I'm jonesing for more. It's getting so bad I'm downloading "The Story So Far" from iTunes. At least it's free.

Maybe tonight's ep will be online this weekend. Anybody know?

kvenlander: It's pretty annoying of Andrew. For my part, I am seriously considering starting at the beginning of season 1.

I mean, how could he do this to my free time, such as it is?

Tigh went from looking like the Old Man and the Sea to looking like the Angel of Death. I don't think he'll last long as XO - I think Ellen's death pushed him over the edge and he's not going to be willing to swallow his feelings for Adama anymore.

btw, iTunes is a next-day upload, as a rule. =)

A quick question for next week: if more people had known I was going to do this going in, would they have participated, or am I better off just posting a review the next day?
I doubt I would have participated in real time any way, but you are a few hours ahead of us in the Pacific time zone. For us the point is moot.

I don't think Tigh is all that bad, but his military position is dependnet entirely on Adama and the few times he's been on his own as far as decision-making have been bad times. Tonight was the first time I've seen him really stand up to Adama, and I'm wondering how their relationship will fare in the future.

Much as I enjoy the angst of the episode, I'm just about ready for a comedy ep right now.

Tigh is about sin and redemption (or maybe just alcoholism), over and over again. Adama gives him a lot of slack, based on history and personal loyalty. He's not meant to be a particularly likable character. He creates tension. There is some competency and perhaps even some heroism in his past, but it's not clear what his future holds. It's clear from the storyline that he has never been a perfect officer, perhaps never even a good one, but he and Adama go way back. His continued presence as XO is premised on the limited resources available. It's not clear who could step into his role. He's like Galactica, old and imperfect, but the one of the best available from a limited selection.

I would say to wait until the end. I usually record BSG & then we watch it on tape so we can FF past the commercials & would really not want to be blogging & watching anyway. Life blogging's really better suited for presidential debates than TV shows.

the Truth and Reconciliation commission is based on what was done in South Africa after apartheid. I highly recommend "Long Night's Journey into Day" - documentary about the S. African commission for all BSG fans of this plot line.

p.s. any clue why Sharon/Helo's child is so special?

any clue why Sharon/Helo's child is so special

Because it's a human/Cylon hybrid. Apparently the Cylons have been unable to reproduce via natural means, so hybrids may be the only way for the Cylon skinjobs to evolve.

A quick question for next week: if more people had known I was going to do this going in, would they have participated, or am I better off just posting a review the next day?

Personally I watch the show or I’m on the net – never both at the same time. So I never read live-blogging in real time. I do think it is very interesting to read your live-blogging after the fact though.

It is interesting to see how your initial reactions change as the show develops. It would actually be most beneficial for a show’s producers and writers to read a roundup of live-blogging. They can essentially follow how their work guides you from point A to point B, as well as where they screwed up, and where they did well.

With a focus group, you essentially get reaction and opinion after the show is over – that is, you get participant’s final reaction and opinion. You don’t get how reaction and opinion develop through the course of the show. Here, you get exactly that.

As I recall, Tigh did in one episode decide to launch Vipers because something didn't seem right. The decision ended up saving the fleet. Otherwise, he is hard to like. In any case, I'm really glad Helen is gone. Couldn't stand her.

Ditto on OCSteve's 11:21 comment (btw, how hard is it to have numbered comments?):

It is interesting to see [after the fact] how your initial reactions change as the show develops.

I agree with OCSteve about the benefits of liveblogging even though circumstances keep me from seeing the episode until Saturday.

hilzoy, give in and get thee to Ye Olde Video Shoppe. If you rent the DVDs, get two at a time. Just saying. Now I almost wish I'd bought the discs myself. But that way lies madness. Or fandom or some such unmentionableness. Ahem, do Halloween shops carry Centurion outfits?

kvenlander: I went to the videoshoppe while I was of grocery shopping and buying various fix-the-wall-related things, but did they have it ? Noooooooo...

Woe is me.

I could send them to you, if you like. :)

I could send them to you, if you like. :)

Andrew – I would like to see a hilzoy post here sometime in the next few weeks, even if I know I won’t necessarily agree with it. Back off dude.

On the other hand, I missed the first two seasons, and it would keep me off here for at least 2 weeks :)

Actually, come to think of it - just how many people worked for the "Baltar Administration", except for Gaeta and two girls of questionable character? Out of those four, who do you think could have been the Mysterious Informant? Even a toaster should have been able to figure that out.

Well, at a minimum she should review my reviews. :)

Andrew: too late. I ordered the miniseries and season 1. Should keep me occupied for a while.

At least I have finally dispatched the Grant From Hell, hopefully for the very last time, and I am making headway on the Wall of Death.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of the miniseries.

What is the Wall of Death?

How soon we forget...

I thought about it some more, consulted with xanax, spent a few days considering (and, you know, doing my actual job), and fixed on a course of action. I am now in the midst of the concrete patch stage. Later: plastering. Then: painting.

Also, one of the world's great songs, from Richard Thompson's Shoot out the Lights.

Liveblogging is okay--I wouldn't participate, but it gets the post up immediately.

This show is definitely on my Christmas or birthday list--gotta catch up.

I have a purely tactical question from last episode. The humans are trying to release the prisoners, but a couple of metallic Cylons are spraying bullets around and the humans stay undercover until a Viper comes along and takes them out. So, are metal Cylons bulletproof? I'd guess they would be against pistols, but given the fact that the humans seem to get into firefights with them a lot (I saw one episode last season where some humans were trapped in the woods firing back at Cylons), I would think they'd have rifles with armor-piercing bullets, or something like that.

There was an episode in season 2 where some centurions boarded Galactica. It was explained that these newer models could only be killed by a head shot with an explosive bullet. I'm not sure they've been all that consistent with this though...


When you're bringing an airstrike in, it's advisable to stay under cover, whether you could kill the enemy with hand weapons or not. That may or may not have been the thinking of the writers, of course, but it made good tactical sense.


That makes sense. Also, of course, why risk your ground troops if you know an air strike will take care of the enemy? I was just wondering whether rifles work against the shiny cylons.

Thanks, kvenlender. I'd guess the writers would try to be consistent on a point like this, so if one needed a rocket launcher to kill these things, I'd expect the troops to be carrying rocket launchers.

This really brings things to a head between Tigh and Adama. Tigh has now either conspired with the President to commit murder, or obeyed illegal orders from the President to commit murder. Either way, he's both busted the chain of command, which goes President=>Adama=> everybody else in the navy, and committed murder.

It's an act of betrayal, and (presumably) a soon to be widely known act. Either Adama busts Tigh, or Adama, for all practical purposes, endorses Tigh's actions.

I don't watch the show live (we roleplay on Friday nights), so I won't participate-- though, as Bruce pointed out, it might be useful for other reasons.

Nice wrap up Andrew. I agree that it was a little fast-- so far, I've had that feeling about the last three episodes. Still, that's better than the mid 2.5 season, where it felt like listless filler...

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