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October 22, 2006


Yay! I was wondering whether you'd continue. Now I have to actually read the post ;)

in full agreement that the occupation storyline had the potential to fill ½ the season - so think that they ended it a bit soon. however, next week's trial of collaborators looks good as well.

wanna bet gaeta is not eexcuted?

oh, watched the louis XV episode of doctor who afterwards - a worthy sucessor to the old series.

Yes, just finished watching the episode off TiVo - one their best, IMHO: yeah, a bit predictable in places, but the pace of the directing (nothing like explosions, jarring cameras and "Move, Move, Move!!!" to fill in the time), and a well-paced script (for a change) overcame that one flaw - and like you, I'm going miss Ellen Tigh as the Sleazy Relief. Too bad.

I'm very impressed by the development of Tigh's character. The indecisive drunk who struggled to face his responsibilities as a commander in the first season has plausibly transformed into a hard but flawed leader---and though he's still a bastard, an though I disagree with most of the hard choices he makes, I'm starting to find him one of the most sympathetic characters on the show.

They very nearly lost me with the premiere – they went a long way towards convincing me to stick around with this one.

SF fan all my life – and yes I did see the original as new episodes aired. Why can’t stuff like this survive on the networks? It is a shame you have to pay the exorbitant price of cable to get decent TV.

I thought the Pegasus sacrifice was supposed to be unavoidable under the circumstances. Someone at Henley's blog pointed out that if they had just gone in with the two ships and all the Vipers (instead of leaving the Pegasus Vipers behind to guard the other human ships) the sacrifice might not have been necessary.

And yeah, superb episode though as a newcomer I find myself not knowing most of the history of the characters.. I wish they'd extended the occupation/insurgency story for half the season--there might have been some way to give the characters on the fleet their own problems and their own episodes fighting off Cylons before coming back for the rescue mission.

Here's the problem: Baltar is still the legitimately elected President of the colonies. It looks like he didn't make the trip (will he now be like the Original Series version, pursuing humanity alongside the Cylons?) and if I remember rightly, Tom Zarek was his vice-president. So unless they have something gimmicked up that we will see in flashback, I don't see how Laura Roslin has any claim on the Presidency. More to the point, I don't see Adama allowing very much power for any elected government, given how well things have worked out so far - Kobol, New Caprica, etc etc.

Basically, we're back where we started at the beginning of Season 1, only with even fewer people, even more stress, and all the complexities of settlement and the occupation (I don't think all the problems of "what did you do on New Caprica, daddy?" will be resolved in the next episode). I think there are still a lot of places they can go just closing the book on things before they have to start coming up with new material...

In re the sacrifice of the Pegasus, there's supposedly either a deleted scene or a remark in a podcast that explains that Pegasus, being the more modern ship with greater automation, can be run with a far smaller crew (1/4 full capacity, IIRC) than Galactica. The sacrifice of the Pegasus makes sense then, not in terms of resources per se but in terms of personnel: fewer people died this way than would have if they'd sacrificed the Galactica. Not a huge strategic deal in a normal war -- there are generally trained personnel sufficient to replace the losses from a battleship or carrier, no matter the moral or personal cost -- but with humanity squeezed this thin I'd say it's a much more valid decision.

Of course, it might not have been necessary had Adama brought both Battlestars to New Caprica in the first place but that's a completely different issue...

Well. Wow. I've watched this episode 3 times in full so far, plus rewatching selected highlights more times.

I had some good-natured argument with freinds on the weekend about it, and I'm going to stake out some turf about this episode: it is, for me, particularly satisfying because it so thoroughly blends sci-fi conventions with the very intense drama. The moments to cheer at meant more because they're anchored in dark and deep development of the people involved, and the agony that so many of the characters have gone through stands out in richer relief because it's illuminated by the bright adventure moments.

Part of the reason they had to sacrifice a ship was just manpower. I mean, half the recurring cast had moved down to New Caprica, both battlestars were run with near skeleton crews.

Everything around New Caprica has been about spreading out, and then reduction and joining back together. The fleet now has fewer ships, fewer people.

The next episode will require a line about how they need to keep every remaining human alive that they can. Someone will bring up "survival at any cost" as an argument for why they "collaborated". It will still be accomplished in a very effective manner.

The previews of this weeks episode implied that the insurgency storyline has not been abandoned, but rather has moved into the entirely more claustrophobic confines of Galactica, as Tigh (hovering darkly in the background) presides over a secret extrajudicial star chamber that kidnaps and executes New Caprica collaborators without sanction from Adama (thus the investigations into the mysterious "disappearances" hinted at in the preview). Tigh no doubt feels that if his collaborator wife has to die for what she did out of love, Jammer and his ilk deserve a bullet ever so much more richly for collaborating out of fear. Leading, of course, to Gaeta on his knees in front of a gun-clutching Chief.

I don't see New Caprica as a closed book, allowing a reset of the show to Season 1, at all - it's a major turning point in the series for all involved, especially for Tigh, whom (as noted above) has evolved into perhaps the most interesting character on the show. A weak and indecisive born subordinate in the opening episodes, is there anybody who would willingly f**k with him now?

I thought it was a great episode, but I really feel like the show is going way too fast. It seemed like they had plot pacing perfectly in the beginning (miniseries/33/etc.) but for some reason they've decided to kick it up several notches.

I watched the extended version of "Pegasus" on DVD and it worked ten times better than the cut version that aired. The original version played like a bunch of obnoxious people came out of nowhere just to ruin the show; the extended actually made you fully sympathize with both sides, which I find is the best way to build suspense.

But this is me being a bitchy perfectionist. It's still the most exciting TV on, in my opinion.

Without reading the comments, since I still have to see the S3 episodes (very busy schedule at the moment) I'd like to link to the cylon pumpkin for real geeks :)

I thought that this episode was the best one yet. Seeing Galactica drop in the atmosphere was awesome, in fact I posted a clip of it at:

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