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September 20, 2006


I had the good fortune to hear Sestak speak along with Clarke, Tony Lake, and Rand Beers at my college, Swarthmore, this past week. He was quite impressive.

Now I face the dilemma: Vote in the Lieberman/Lamont race, or vote in this district of PA. Both matter, and I have no idea which way to go. *Sighs*

Early and often Miles, early and often.

Might I 'umbly suggest you consider doing a post on Ed Perlmutter for the Colorado 7th, amongst the others you'll get to?

"We badly need people who have real expertise in these fields, and who have absolutely no need to prove themselves on national security."

One reason to get James Webb in the Senate, aside from just getting the idiotic George Allen out.

Vote in the congressional race, Miles. It'll carry more weight. Besides, then you also get to vote in the Santorum/Casey race.

Miles: Sestak and the PA 7th district needs your democratic vote. The 7th is pretty notorious for being heavily republican although this has supposedly been changing in recent years. Regardless, Sestak in congress would be a fantastic addition for the democrats.

dbomp: "Besides, then you also get to vote in the Santorum/Casey race." Ditto.

Sestak sounds good.

Compared to Weldon, I'd follow Mike the Mover off a cliff.

Democrats have some good candidates around the country. I'll be voting a straight Democratic ticket, something I've done since 1992. When the Republican Party is thoroughly shamed, out of power, and a few in jail, then they can come to me with someone new who might actually have good governance in mind.

We can't afford not to do whatever we can to bring this about.

Coming from you, hilzoy, I didn't even feel the need to acquire personal body armor.

"Throw the rascals out"

Now you're talking.

Thanks -

Done; something tells me this series is going to be expensive. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Regardless, Sestak in congress would be a fantastic addition for the democrats.

I think dropping the last three words would be sufficient.

And we need more of those candidates.

Same B.S. that "they are all the same."

That's crap. Republicans are led by a president who want to torture. The Democrats are against it.

Republicans rush to "save Teri Schiavo". Democrats are against such horrors.

Repulbicans sent inept politcal dimwits to rebuild Iraq, botched securing Afghanistan, and are destroying the military.

Throw the Republicans out.

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