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September 25, 2006


And if the police don't follow up on the call they are negligent.

don't forget, the legislation proposed here in the US is: the govt calls you an "emeny combatant", locks you up and you have no recourse. you don't get a lawyer. you don't get to know what you're charged with doing - if you're charged at all. you don't get anything until they say so. you are a complete prisoner of the State.

what kind of conservative wants their government to have that power?

"emeny". hah. damn you, Magic Hat.


"OBL didn't pick out one person and issue a personal threat - he said he wants to destroy the most powerful country the world has ever seen. it's absurd to think he can actually do it, and it's absurd to treat him as if he can."

Spoken with true Hubris. The President must be rubbing off on you, too.

I can see you standing at the gates of Rome as the barbarians came to town.

; -)

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