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September 29, 2006


Godspeed Charles, I hope the "cesspool of self-loating and misery" that is apparently the comments section here didn't help drive you away.

Charles, thank you for what must have been the toughest gig ever.

Charles, although I disagreed with you frequently, At least as far as I am concerned you will be missed.
Stop by to comment from time to time.

And I hope the issues in your life are not too extreme.

Best wishes.

Wowzer. Best wishes, Charles.

Man, this place uses up conservatives like you wouldn't believe.

Best wishes, CB.

Take it easy, Charles.

Best wishes to you and your family, Charles.

My best wishes to you.


I hate to see you go, and I hope that whatever personal issues you face are resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I salute you for your willingness to hang in here as long as you did. I have no idea how you did it.

good luck. I hope you're just too busy and there's nothing going wrong.

Thanks, and best of luck, CB. Hope to see you again some sunny day.

Take care Charles and good luck.


I second everyone's sentiments here that things go well with you and that indeed this is merely a hiatus. Blogging isn't real life, though it seems like it sometimes.

Posting at both Obsidan Wings and Redstate must seem like an occasion to up the schizophrenia meds.

Thanks for putting up with my crap. You always stick to your guns and I like a guy who can tell folks to sod off, even when it's me.

I'll always cherish the mind-reading trophies you bestowed on me at Redstate. I keep them with my 100-yard dash ribbons.

I wish you and your family the best.

P.S. "I wish you all well." Hey, what do you mean by that? I don't know what Hillary has to do with this! ;)

Mind-reading trophies bestowed at the old Tacitus. Whoops.

From Tacitus to here, you have been around I think since I hit the blogs. It has always been fun for me. The comment sections at Tacitus, at least early when you were holding that blog together while Tac was away, were much funnier than what you have experienced here, tho no less heated.

I will remember you, birddog. Good luck.

Charles, I'm not sure whether to hope that the in the balance of reasons, family and real life are weightier than anything that has happenend at TiO (thereby lessening any culpability I might have) or hoping that TiO and the discussion there was a big thumb on the balance (which would mean that any real life problems are no so big). All I can say is that I learned a lot about myself thanks to you, and that's a pretty important thing. I hope there'll be a day in the future where blogging is not wrapped up with weighty political futures, but bad puns, goofy jokes, teasing and games of can you top this. Good luck and if you should come to Japan, do let me know.

Best wishes to you and your family in this new chapter of your life.


This is quite the love fest and maybe that's good.

But as always actions speak louder than words.


or check out the new digs at


Taking it Outside.... formerly known as Hating on Charles Bird

Memorable moments of love...

Jackmoron said...
Let the Charles-bashing begin!
I want parity in the Charles hate-fest!

Chuchundra said...
He sucks and he's already ruining this site

From Jesurgislac:
Oh, Bird would hate MLK if he were alive and well today.

Charles Bird would write lengthy, passionate denunciations of Amnesty International for criticizing slavery in the US, saying when challenged that of course he thinks slavery is wrong, but AI shouldn't be allowed to say these things about the US.

Best wishes to you and your family, Charles.

Charles: all the best to you and yours.

A thread to say goodbye to a regular and express best wishes shouldn't be junked up with dealing with a troll. Your TiO thread for that is here. Some people do not deserve you, Charles.

Charles, I also hope it is merely a matter of being too busy and nothing serious.
Best wishes

You didn't quite get the point of the "Hating on Charles Bird" project, Bril. Charles did, though, and I admired him for that. Best wishes, birddog, and I hope to see you pop your head in every once in a while.

Good luck with everything.

Best wishes, Charles.

Good luck IRL, Charles.

Hope all goes well, CB. Best of luck.

He sucks and he's already ruining this site

I see that Bril doesn't quite get it.

Bon chance, CB

good luck

Taking a brief respite from my own hiatus:

Charles, best of wishes with the family, work, and other personal stuff. Here's to wisdom, health, and prosperity all around. In the civilized world, one may disagree strenuously with others' views and still hope that they are well, and so it is here. :)

Hang in there, Charles, and come back here when you can.

Thanks and good luck, Charles. I know that for me at least, scribbling is hard, if you want it to stand up to scrutiny ( GF :). You have accepted the challenge, and contributed quite a bit of good stuff here and Tacitus.

Happy Trails, Bird Dog.

(the "until we meet again" part is assumed.)

D-p-U-g: I see that Bril doesn't quite get it.

Indeed not. I disagreed with Charles's opinions passionately, vehemently, strenuously and at times impolitely. I hope that whatever has arisen in Charles's RL is more timeconsuming than serious; that it's resolved soon and happily... and Charles is back to Not Speaking to me and I'm back to Not Speaking to him.

So now who sucks and is ruining this site?

Best of luck, CB. Seems like I've been reading you forever. You'll be missed, even though I think you're (mostly) wrong. :-)

Although I am a relative newcomer to this blog and thus don't have too much to base this opinion on, I will regret your conservative voice on this blog. One of the things that I like about this blog is that in addition to providing lots of info that doesn't appear in mainstream media, it also manages to get together people with differing opinions who don't virtually shoot each other. I will miss your opinions and arguments. Good luck to you in your real, concrete life, Charles.

Ummmmm... what everyone else said. Godspeed.

You're really Mark Foley, aren't you?

(I kid, I kid.)

Charles, best wishes. I'm pleased to have been in hearty agreement with your previous post. Hope you'll be back before too long.

Hopefully, Charles, your use of the term "hiatus" in your "farewell" post is meant to be taken in the sense of "temporary respite or cession" of your blogging. Good luck with whatever issues in the off-line world require your attention: sucky posts and site-ruining aside, your input will be missed here (and Tacitus and RedState no doubt) - best wishes all around.

You guys don't understand. I said I was going to have end blogging. Get rid of it. All of it. All blogs everywhere. This is my first step to world domination, and it will be mine! All mine!!

No, seriously, the family's intact, fine and healthy. I need to make a clean break because blogging is getting in the way of higher priorities in my life, and it's getting in the way of a writing project I'm working on (my Great American Novel). The key word is "hiatus", so if you think is the last you've heard from me, I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed ;). But I'm going to take the time away that I need.

blogging is getting in the way of higher priorities in my life

This sentence does not compute. :-)

No, seriously, the family's intact, fine and healthy.

Tht's gd t hr. S y'r jnng th Crps, pttng yr mn whr yr mth s. m prd f y!

"This is my first step to world domination, and it will be mine! All mine!!"

Yes, but what will you do with the world once it is yours! all yours! - ?

See, this is what World Dominators never think about: what happens after all the peoples of the world are cowering at your feet, having already duly deposited the entirety of their worldly goods with your major domo?

'Coz, y'know, it's all downhill from there. Don't take my word for it; check the Manual for Dreaded Tyrannical Overlordship.

what happens after all the peoples of the world are cowering at your feet, having already duly deposited the entirety of their worldly goods with your major domo?



Charles: my Great American Novel

You're writing a novel??? I send you all the sympathy you've never got from me before, and all the rest for your family. They'll all need it. Good luck. This is a book I have recommended many times to writers, and it's singularly appropriate in your case. ;-)


I am surprised at my level of distress upon hearing that you are leaving! But, like others, I do value the different opinions expressed here, and find they keep us honest. You will be missed indeed. Glad to hear that it is not a great discord in your lfe drawing you away. Good writing, and hurry back!

I humbly apply to be your imperial lieutenant for California, when your conquest is complete.

I don't know if Charles is still reading this, but as someone who has held his feet to the fire as much as anyone, but never, ever, was part of the "get rid of Charles!" chorus, I'm sorry to see him on hiatus, I wish him well, and I hope to see him returned (enlightened, of course! ;-)) ASAP.

Be well, Charles.

"Posted by: Don Quijote"

Look, it's Whack-A-Mole!

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