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September 28, 2006


Man. I didn't realize Allen had so much extra money, though I'd long since realized he was a total asshat, since the time he visited my high school, years ago. I think I'll go donate some money to Webb, not that I can give much, as a poor college student. Ah well.

Webb has little money; only much attention to his opponent.

I've written about Allen, sometimes with video, here, the video of Allen saying being asked if he was Jewish was an "aspersion," and here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I like to think that some of watching this idiot is even funny, if poking a moronic bigot can be so.

I wanted to make the graph have elegant slender bars, but I don't know how to use Excel, so it came out all clunky and ugly ;(

The photo of the macaque expresses my mood right now. Note: the macaque is angry, but it's predominantly a threat display.

As I have said before, civility is perfectly consistent with passionate opposition, and well-directed fury.

And Nate: thanks. Have any rich friends? (Insert grin here.)

Award for best Allen-inspired graphics to Majikthise.

"This is not a guy who should be in the Senate."

And yet not only is he, but until weeks ago, he was the leading Republican candidate for President.

I realize this will make Slarti go "huh" and figuratively "wuh" and probably ask for links, and support for the outlandish claim, and otherwise explain that he'd never heard of Allen, and such, but: lo.

I see Gary and Jesurgislac are treading some common ground here. At least they're being proactive.

Slarti: At least they're being proactive.

Only thinking of you, Slarti.

I gave Webb a hundred bucks right after he won the primary. I have no money now. I did tell everybody that the only present I want for my birthday in October is donations to Democrats ( I gave list and Webb is on it).

I have a question about campaign finance - I would love to give to Webb's campaign but remember seeing somewhere that contributions in any given election cycle for an individual are limited to $2k - is that a misunderstanding? I don't want to run afoul of the law, and would appreciate any guidance you or your readers could offer. If I could tithe my income at this point I would. Despondent doesn't even begin...

Jason, you must be thinking of the $2,100 limit for an individual giving to a candidate. It means you can give $2,100 to each of as many candidates as you like (as long as you remain below limits on total donations). Also, any money given in a primary doesn't count against the limit for the general, since that's another election. And beyond that, there are higher limits for giving to PACs and parties.

So if you gave $2,100 to Webb after the primary, you can't give any more to him. But you could give up to $5,000 to a PAC that's supporting Webb (not sure which would be best), or up to $10,000 to the Democratic Party of Virginia, for example.

There is a total limit of $101,400 for donations during a two-year period, of which no more than $40,000 can be donations to candidates.

There are more details on the FEC site.

We sure dont need a wacko like this in the senate he sound like too big arisk for this nation

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