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August 01, 2006


ick. horrible stuff.

fine job reporting it, however.

This is an excellent illustration of the risks we've faced by trying to fight this war on via proxy rather than directly. We have a very unfortunate tendency to forget that the people who are allying themselves with us are only doing so because they think it can bring them certain advantages. So we don't worry about what agenda they may bring to the fight, and we end up with situations where we're 'capturing' people who are not our enemies, but the enemies of some of the people we've chosen to ally ourselves with.

It only gets worse when combined with the policies of this administration, of course. Every time I read about a detainee being mistreated I have a difficult time maintaining my bearing, and it seems as if there is no end of such stories. I appreciate your hard work putting all this together.

Thanks, Katherine.

Katherine, I can't say I've been enjoying your posts, but I have read them and appreciate the time and effort put into them.

There is simply nothing I can say that in any way adds to what you have already said.

Thanks for the posts. Keep writing.


My thanks to Katherine for putting this together, although I wish it wasn't necessary.

A few times, here, for example, Josh Marshall has suggested that we will need something like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Hearings here in the US to figure out just how badly the country has been screwed up, and in what ways, so that we can fix it.

This recounting of injustice that Katherine has posted in her series makes me think we'll need something like this to save the soul of this country.

I wanted to add my thanks as well. Excellent posts by Katherine.

Just to let you know that I read it and appreciate your post!

I still don't know how to discuss the content rationally though

"Just to let you know that I read it and appreciate your post! I still don't know how to discuss the content rationally though."

Exactly, I'm in the same boat. Thanks.

Same here.

Ditto, for me too.

Thanks, everyone.

My general approach is to pile up so many facts that people have a hard time arguing against it; I shouldn't really complain when that works. The trouble is, the people who still disagree do not read this site.

There will be no Truth and Reconciliation Commission or anything comparable, there's no constituency for it. Those happen in countries where the government commits human rights abuses against their own citizens, not a bunch of foreigners.

I sometimes think that there won't be an investigation at all if the Democrats don't take a house of Congress this year. I mean, say we lose the midterms and McCain is elected in 2008--there's a real chance McCain could end these policies but little chance that he'd want to air the previous Republican administration's dirty laundry. Even a Democratic Congress &/or administration after 2008 may conclude that it's over, and to start the investigations now reopens old wounds and looks vindictive.

And in a way--yes, the focus should be on forward looking legislation. But that will only pass, and only be effective, if there's a real consensus that we made a horrible mistake.

So there may never be even real Congressional hearings. It is possible that it will be up to human rights organizations & the press to establish what happened. That's part of why I'm fairly obsessive about cataloging this stuff.

I am really gratefull and I think you're doing a great job!

Wow, you're an optimist. Why do you think McCain would end these policies? He's an insane militarist. It's one thing to grandstand on the Senate floor, but quite a different story when you're the top manger of the capitalism-democracy-freedom jihad.

Katherine, thank you for your tenacity in sticking with this. Reading the harrowing stories in this series is enormously dispiriting; I can't help but admire the moral courage in your continuing witness, particularly in the context of the systemic ADD of blogging, where the temptation is to chase immediately after the next new enormity, and such substantive, focused, and thoroughgoing work as yours is rarely accomplished. Let me add my gratitude and appreciation for your efforts to the voices of the other commenters here.

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