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August 29, 2006


More than any other of its enormities, the callousness of the leadership of this country towards wounded soldiers enrages me. Long after George Bush has sunk into an alcoholic, brush-clearing haze on his ranch, these thousands of veterans are going to be struggling to get through life with hellish problems, abandoned by the people who sent them off to get their injuries.

Fully expressing my feelings would violate posting rules, so I'll fume instead.

JakeB: That's the reason the text part of my post was very short. Trying to express my views about the administration's treatment of all of our military, but especially those who have been wounded in their pointless war of choice, would reduce me to sputtering fury. So I opted for short and pithy.

While I'm all for funding both research and practical therapy for our service members with brain injuries....

They allocated the exact amount the Pentagon requested apparantly. Could this be yet another sign that the Pentagon is kinda screwed up from the top down?

Posting my views on the administration would violate the posting rules, several sections of the the United States Code, the Magna Carta, and quite possibly the Geneva Conventions.

Instead I'll just say that this is most unsatisfactory.


Pause to consider that, if the *Democrats* had proposed such a cut, you could actually *hear* the blog postings at Instapundit, etc., etc., no matter where you were in the continental U.S.

Quick, someone get Sebastian $7 million!

We might be able to pick up a quick million here

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 (AP) — The Pentagon has done little to recover about $900,000 mistakenly paid to 75 Army reservists who have not reported for duty since late 2001, Congressional investigators said in a report on Monday.

That high pitched shriek of WHAAATT???? you heard all the way in Sweden was me expressing my first reaction to this decision. My subsequent vocalizations on the subject are not suitable for a respectable blog. Might I add that the stem cell research, also restricted by Bush et al, is one of the more promising lines of research into brain and spinal cord injuries?

i can only chuckle. they no longer shock me. this is just another point on the graph (1/x).

I can't say I chuckled, but I don't understand how anyone can find this surprising. I suppose Republicans have to pretend this isn't what they were voting for all along but the rest of us dont need to pretend.

"The center's work, for example, can help battlefield commanders quickly determine whether a soldier who has received a blow to the head is fit for battle."

Well, there's your explanation right there. Can't have metrics in the field that might prevent a soldier from being sent back into battle, now, can we?

We're already sending amputees and retired folk back in, along with felons, illiterates, and sociopaths. Why coddle soldiers whose only injury is that they've sustained serious head and brain injuries? As long as they can fire a weapon at someone or something, they're good to go.

"Approximately ambulatory" - it's the new One-A.

"Whoever is cutting the budget must have a head injury themselves."

Well... I have a head injury now as well. I lost my job today. Who needs a cure or better treatment for cancer? Thank you Bush.


I don't understand this. I take for granted that the Bush Administration is largely composed of soulless zombie psychopaths (to avoid any problem with posting violations, I will stipulate that they are sincere soulless zombie psychopaths), but I also assume that many or most of Bush's conservative supporters really do respect the troops and would be outraged if they heard something like this.

Or else refuse to believe it. I suppose that explains it.

Intricate, I feel your pain. I lost mine 2 months ago and still looking.

What really gets me is that these are the same folks who accused Kerry of not wanting to fund the troops.

What was the word that was so frequently used in Andrew's thread?

Oh yes, hypocrisy.

"Oh yes, hypocrisy."

Actually, Andrew spelled it "hypocracy", which, I believe, is a form of government which makes hypocrisy the centerpiece of its operations.

Except, like FEMA during Katrina, cutting funding for brain injuries sustained by our youth, for f--- sake, in Iraq, is deliberate policy. It ain't hypocrisy, it's consistency.

Your government is expensive .. and dead.

Reagan's legacy... Bush's accomplishment.

Government run by the Republican Party is pure theft of my tax dollars. At every level.

Let's recall what they themselves recommended back in the early 1990's:

Tax revolts and an armed citizenry.

What? You think it was political theatre?

There are two entities in the world who despise the U.S. Government: the Republican Party and Al Qaeda. Every move they make helps the other.

Who needs a cure or better treatment for cancer?

Yeah, the cuts to the NCS budget stunk too.

I take for granted that the Bush Administration is largely composed of soulless zombie psychopaths (to avoid any problem with posting violations, I will stipulate that they are sincere soulless zombie psychopaths)

Awesome stuff, Donald J.

I don't see how this could be the Bush Administration's fault - this is an incredibly stupid thing for the Pentagon to cut, even when pressured to cut military spending. Staff from congress even asked the Pentagon if they needed any more money.

OTOH, if they don't get on fix this and find out why this happened, that's a different story...

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