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August 16, 2006


I'll give $100 to Mercy Corps.

I've emailed you. I used the kitty address, so I hope it gets to where it needs to go.

You all are wonderful. I've matched them. Thanks so much.

FWIW, there's an international page for MSF (Doctors Without Borders) so that people can easily donate to the national office of their country which means tax and such can be reclaimed off the gift. The same will apply to other international charities.

(Also, World Foor? *picky*)

Habitual lurker gives £50 to MSF. Thanks for the nudge.

a fine idea.

put me down for $100 to MSF/DWB

i hope this doesn't mean you'll have to have a "Hilzoy Food Program" fund drive later on. :)

cleek: lentils are wonderful and cheap.

I've matched everything that came in so far.

cleek: lentils are wonderful and cheap.

this is true. and, they're used widely in Lebanese cooking. mmm mjaddarah...

I hope I sent 100 euro to the ICRC (this computer is kind of whacky, it might end up being a few times 100 euro, or it might not have come through at all - I'll have to check when I get home :) )

Dutch charities don't have specific Lebanon aimed fundruns yet - we are still doing specials for Java.

Dutchmarbel: matched ;) Thanks so much.

Hilzoy, on my blog I advertise a charity book where proceeds will be going to aid displaced Israeli children (Jewish, Arab & Christian alike) and specifically ask for anyone who knows of an equivalent Lebanese charity. Have you been able to locate any?

Elayne: try UNICEF.

Before I encounterd Hilzoy's pledge I was thinking about donating to the sos childrens villages

100 dollars from me.

Thanks, anon. Off to match now ;)

I made a donation of $100.00 to the World Food Programme. Do you need some proof from me to match it?

kbarnes: no, we work on the honor system here. I'm off to match. Thanks so much.

$40 to Mercy Corps. This is a really great idea.

Thanks you all so much. I've matched it all, and I'm closing in on my limit. -- But hey, try me: I may go on matching stuff (even after the slightly less than $100 that remains).

I dare anyone who hangs out here to try to be a misanthropist.


Does mean I can be a misanthrope instead?

(I am, in fact, not; I merely have some tendencies at times; far far more limited character flaw.)

I have just given $50 to MercyCorps.

JakeB: Thanks. So have I ;)

This seems like a faintly good thing:

"Today I was in a position to offer a rather substantive maritime component which is so encompassing that it could patrol and secure the whole of the Lebanese coast to make sure that no weapons or other related materials get into Lebanon," German UN Ambassador Thomas Matussek said.

"We could also offer a rather substantial border patrol along the Syrian border," Matussek said after a meeting at UN headquarters of countries interested in supporting the peacekeeping force in Lebanon. The offer was contingent on parliamentary approval, he said.

Bangladesh also pledged up to 2,000 troops to be deployed in Lebanon.

Bangladesh troops are, of course, overwhelmingly Muslim, although probably mostly or entirely Sunni. Presumably that's more of a positive thing than not.

The Lebanese border with Syria is, of course, 375 km long.

I actually meant to put that on another thread, and don't know how I made the error; apologies.

So good of you to do this fundraiser. I only just discovered you via Head Heeb and also my BIL's enthusiastic recommendation.

And your mjaddarah link to my blog, in comments, is generating all kinds of hits, thank you. In peaceful times about two/thirds of my referrals are from people googling hummus, kibbe, tabbouli, kafta, Lebanese green beans, Sephardic red lentil soup, etc. In Lebanese crisis times my site meter spikes but with political referrals, not food. (okay if you visit, looking for the food, it's archived on the lower left column)

I would gladly go back to 200 hits a day of hummus in exchange for a lasting, just peace, and a vibrant healthy multi-ethnic open Lebanon, with peace and democracy - the real thing, not the GWB ersatz horror - spreading all over the region.

mjaddarah link to my blog, in comments, is generating all kinds of hits

i made some for dinner last night. the wife loved it.

Leila: thanks.

Personally, I'd give up blogging for a lasting just peace and a vibrant healthy multi-ethnic Lebanon.

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