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August 18, 2006


[there are genuine umlauts over all of those "o"s, I believe, but I can't be bothered to figure out how to make them appear here].

Frankly, I think you should put a few extra umlauts on those names, because, dude, it's so much more metal that way.

Heh. Back in an old band of mine in Cleveland, we were, um, encouraged via a cease and desist letter to change our name from "Electrolux." One of the choices we bandied about was "Türd."

"So I count you in?"

Sure. Especially if you're buying, but I'm not averse to a little shoulder-rubbing with the proletariat even when drinks are on me. And the lingon's on me, too!

I am a great believer in the power of the ümlaut, myself. I should point out that even the Clinton administration realized its power, as can be seen from this Önion article.

As for Sjöwäll and Wählöö, however, I prefer Mänkëll's writing to thëïrs.

Also- John T. - you know that he wrote Red Red Wine as well, yes?

I feel sö pröud.

Mankell? Are you sure you don't mean Manning, or Henkell?

Apropos of not very much, just saw Cartoon Network's Metalocalypse for the first time tonight. It's... well, it's like double- or even triple-umlaut metal. Not just if it's good or not, but it's definitely metal.

Oh, and Top Secret is on right now, which means I finally get to quote one of my favorite lines here on ObWi:

Nick Rivers: Hillary. That's an unusual name.
Hillary Flammond: It's a German name. It means 'she whose bosoms defy gravity'.

There's something so singularly pure about it.

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