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July 08, 2006


I wish the huff and puff brigade would pony up and try to take real action against the Times. A government shut-down of the paper would be fabulous -- an unambiguous showdown, rather than ominous saber rattling and calls for murder.

But they're all talk, those agitators. Because like it or not, they need the bogeyman of an evil liberal press more than anyone else.

Soft, cuddly, adorable, yes, yet guiltless killers, single-minded obligate carnivores, vicious, angry, hungry, occasionally comically overmatched by gravity. (Perhaps we forgive their rapacity because ours so far outstrips theirs.)

One morning, decades ago, I went into the kitchen to make coffee wearing only jeans, and one of our kittens climbed straight up my bare back with its cute little claws.

It was a rude awakening for both of us.

Kittens!!! Kitteeeens!!

I had almost all of those. Crazykitten will make a nice addition to my collection, thanks!

And to contribute:

You know what it's gonna do with that flag, right? Exactly.

Great stuff, hilzoy. Meanwhile Greenwald -- who has really hit a stride lately -- examines the latest IOIYAR standard at work.

I've been exposed to so many kitten pictures through political blogging that I actually genuinely hate kittens now. Can we start a movement to post pictures of anything else? Frogs? Lizards? Octopi? The blogosphere has me kitten-saturated to the point where I just want to drop-kick every cat I see.

On a non-kitten-related note: is there anyone aside from Steve Clemons and Juan Cole blogging about Gaza? I know Israel/Palestine is the foreign policy debacle that dare not speak its name, but the near-universal silence coming from pretty much everywhere but the LGF-Malkin-Redstate axis is starting to feel a tad conspicuous.

If the kittens are getting you down, perhaps some pudu?

Christmas: James Zogby had one of the all-time great titles: Watching Gaza: The Genovese Syndrome

My cat is surveilling a bird in a tree from the bedroom windowsill at this moment.

I'm suspicious.

She's studying how the bird flys, but seems bored and uninterested while observing the bird taking off and landing.

The window faces east as well. She never sits in the window facing west.

Her habits seem bizarrely routine --- much fake dozing while sprawled on her back with her feet in the air. At night, she plops down on my feet at the foot of the bed or sneaks up and observes my wife's sleeping face very carefully before curling contemptuously around her neck, the same neck that supports my wife's head.

The other week I found a headless voll on the patio. The scene seemed one of ritual slaughter.

The other cats in the neighborhood sit at various places and seem to be watching and waiting, as if for a sign. They make cautious, very watchful, slow motion forays into neighbors' territories as if testing security measures.

Finally, my cat spends a lot of time turning round and round in a box in the basement which contains a sand-like substance, constantly scratching and burying objects. She's very secretive about this activity.

I'm concerned.

By god, you've created a superfund sight of unbearable cuteness!

Christmas --

PZ Myers is your source for all things invertebrate, and especially cephalopod.

He feels about kittens like you do. None of those nasty old backbones for him!

And speaking of dark and disturbing things, Gen. JC Christian has, imho, won the bad video war hands down with Tiny Tim doing 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'.

It must be seen to be believed.

I know classified information about...

these bunnies!

Christmas: is there anyone aside from Steve Clemons and Juan Cole blogging about Gaza?

Max Sawicky did a week ago, but was swamped by bloodthirsty commenters. Marc Cooper had a post yesterday. Lots of left-wing bloggers, but I assumed you were looking for liberals.

I appreciate the links, Nell, since I hadn't checked Max Sawicky's site in a while. But in general, yeah, I was kind of hoping that liberal/left-of-center bloggers would have something to say about a major military invasion/humanitarian crisis-in-the-making in one of the most volatile regions in the world. I do tend to get the impression that more moderate blogs are more visible and more heavily-trafficked than genuinely left-leaning blogs, and for the heavyweights of the liberal blogosphere to find nearly nothing to say about this is a bit disheartening.

Great shivering heaps of nose twitching, eye watering, skin itching, hair spitting kat dander. Where's the fondue?

more moderate blogs are more visible and more heavily-trafficked than genuinely left-leaning blogs, and for the heavyweights of the liberal blogosphere to find nearly nothing to say about this is a bit disheartening.

Liberal blogs are far more driven by what Democratic politicians will talk about, and there the silence is even more deafening -- and more serious.

The party and its army of permanent consultants enforce a line on Israel/Palestine that is well to the right of where Democratic voters would put it.

In 2004 that useless bastard Bob Shrum took it on himself to solicit Virginia Kerry donors on behalf of a primary challenge to Rep. Jim Moran. Nice.

In the 1980s, Rahm Emanuel, now chair of the DCCC, specialized in locking Congressional candidates into the AIPAC straitjacket early in their campaigns. I have no reason to believe anything's changed except the number of candidates whose campaigns he has the power to affect.

Speaking of idiots: I hereby condemn that professor who said to Jeff Goldstein: "Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby."

RedState seems to be exercised about the fact that no left blogs have condemned this, which isn't actually true. (TalkLeft and Mahablog, to name two.) I am unwilling to waste a thread on this hitherto unknown person and her ravings, but here you are, RedState: She's an idiot, and what she said was repellent.

Sadly, No! has been on it, as has unfogged (where a large number of right-wing blogtypes showed up looking for a fight and were met with discussions of cake). The woman in question was apparently banned from Crooked Timber about a year and a half ago.

Yes, I agree, the Bad Crazy Person is both crazy and bad.

I'll take these spontaneous, simultaneous, and oh-so-genuine bursts of outrage from the right just a bit more seriously when they stop posting political opponents' personal information, musing on the benefits of funding anti-European terror, and joking about lynching reporters.

hilzoy owes xanax $31.65 for a new color printer cartridge (my soon-to-be-six-year-old daughter insisted, nay demanded!, that i print out every "cute kitten" photo you posted. hence, color cartridge kaput!)

i'll send a bill along with your house-warming gift (which posts tomorrow... sorry for the delay).

another great post, hil, as usual.

who wants to bet this Bad Crazy Person™ thing shows up in a WaPo or WSJ column, as another example of the Angry Left, without a word about the plentiful equivalent examples from The Anrgy Right ?

which isn't to excuse what Bad Crazy Person™ said, but just to point out that being a Bad Crazy Person™ isn't a function of political orientation. some people are just Bad and Crazy to begin with, and then they pick a political party.


The woman in question was apparently banned from Crooked Timber about a year and a half ago.

Holy crap, it's that Deb Frisch? Jeez, I (vaguely) remember her. What a loon.

Second, and pace the interchange Gary and I had last week: the more I read the outbursts of outrage at Deb Frisch, the more I feel like I'm reading Volkischer Beobachter editorials decrying some Jew who threatened the child of a junior reporter at Der Sturmer.

As long as we're inflicting kitten pictures on each other, I feel it only fair to link to my collection of same online:

Or maybe if I remembered to include the HTML tags?

My outrage & condemnation should be taken as a given. I take her about as seriously as I take those 9/11 conspiracy-peddlers, though.

Oh my god these cats were so beautiful i cant even stand it! If i had the chance i would rip there heads off cause they are so adorable!

The picture of the cat holding the gun we dont like it. That looks like our cat squart and it is not funny at all. PLEASE take the picture off the website. From,Paige,Kenner,&Dairany

I luv Kittens n cats! I just want 2 be able 2 hold 1 of them really badly.I use 2 have 2 cats then 1 now none. I would just luv 2 see sum more of these pictures


the cats on here are so cute that i could just eat them right up!!!!!!

cute kittys

i think the pic is really cute. i really love animales and i used to have 18 cats at one time but i just hav4 kittens now. i also like the gun and the kitten.

dey r soooo cute

dey r soooo cute

they are soooooooooo cute i want One But i hav a Dog and a gerbil

i love it

This is for the guy who was talking about Islam and Muslims on the top of this page.
It is really a pity that people like yourself, ignorant and selfish, are unfortunately those who lead and those who get listenned to. Why do you give yourself the right to not only talk but judge something you have no damn idea about??? Or you just buy whatever haters show you on TV? Islam is THE religion, and those motherfuckers that have rotten its image will fucking burn in HELL, cuz those people, like so many, are fucking up in the name of the most sacred religion that has ever existed. Please don't be an ignorant, a narrow-minded person. Haven't you ever asked yourself how come this monothesist religion is like this?? Well if you haven't, that is a dangerous sign. Read more, and stop watching TV and reading bullshit paper. It is all biased.
Ppppfffffffffffff whatever!!

awsome lovely kittens realy

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