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July 13, 2006


No, Gary, this is good. See, there are a number of spectators out here who aren't all that well-read (well, ok, just one, perhaps) that benefit from this sort of comment from you, even if we/I don't always thank you for it.

I invite you to continue, if you've the patience for it.

I've noticed a lot of people criticizing the Israeli response as disproportionate. I have to fundamentally disagree with this statement, this is war. This is not -you kidnapped 2 soldiers so let me kidnap two of yours- kind of junk. That would accomplish nothing. Hizbollah was making a statement by kidnapping those soldiers. Hizbollah and Hamas have been terrorizing Israel for years, never having recognized Israel's right for existence. Suicide bombing, shootings, shellings, and missiles are just a part of Israeli daily life. But nobody cared that the Israeli response (let's talk about this and give up more land) was disproportionate. Everyone is judging Israel on some kind of scale totally different than the rest of the world. It has to fight for its survival, and this is the only way to do so. Just as America has always fought for its survival, without criticisms of "proportion." If Hizbollah didn't want war, it would have returned the soldiers.

"witness Ariel Sharon's incredibly stupid little stroll on the Temple Mount"

When you wrote this, I got the feeling, that you did not understand the conflict there. But i went on and after reading it: You have no idea about the conflict. The conflict started in 1948. Since then the Arabs tried to destroy Israel. It is not only about kidnapping. The Arab world is filled with hatred. How can there be peace? And you support those hatred which you don't understand by ignoring it. Read their webistes and udnerstand what they want. Do you really believe, that terror is a way to get peace?

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