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June 06, 2006


Gary, I lean more towards this interpretation, especially in a phrase as "pacifistic strain":

Over the years, pacifism has acquired different meanings. As a consequence, it is practiced in a variety of ways. For example, pacifists may make an individual vow of nonviolence. They may also organize and actively pursue nonviolence and peace between nations. They may even assert that some form of support for selective violence is sometimes necessary to achieve worldwide peace.

Sebastian: as Anarch stated, he supported general Clark for president. To be honest, I hesitated over Afghanistan, especially since I felt there were more negotiating openings still available. The Taliban however, though slightly moving in a better direction, were really bad for the country and the people in it. I also believed Bush when he said that this time the US would stay and help rebuild the country - and felt that it was important for the US as worldpower that they could show that they were not bluffing.

Had I known at that time what I know now, that Bush's promisses should be parsed by an American Lawyer for double meanings and even than cannot be relied upon - or that the US would bring in the Northern Allience, which consisted mainly of the former warlords who commited so many crimes against the population that the people welcomed the Taliban, I would never have supported Afghanistan. Maybe Moore was smarter and/or better informed than me.

KenB: everybody who supported the Iraq invastion while the inspectors were still in does not believe in war as a last resort.

I didn't read all the comments but the point is missed entirely that the fascination with Ann Coulter has nothing to do with her rant but with the long-held folk wisdom that Fascist women give great head.

It's just a weird psychosexual perversion.


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