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May 08, 2006


Can we call ourselves a banana republic now?

We actually grow things here? More of a "Credit Card Debt Run Up at Bananan Republic" Republic

Ethanol republic?

Do any of these accusations make it likely that DeLay will have to resign and/or go to prision. Is it more likely that he will have to lose an election. Is he up for re-election this November (sorry about my ignorance, just a curious Aussie).
Does the fact that Ralston works for Rove have any implications at all?

Debbie: he has announced that he won't seek reelection, if memory serves. He's definitely out of the leadership, and out of Congress. I just hope he's thrown in jail so that anyone who's tempted to emulate him will think twice.

Thanks Hilzoy. Hear hear!

It is good to see corrupt politicians bite the dust, and hard, but the benefits for voters and Democrats will be limited as long as the parties are able to get away with unfettered political redistricting (limited only by the need under the Civil Rights Act to ensure that minorities are not underrepresented), like what DeLay rammed through in Texas.

Let's hope that the Supreme Court gives us a meaningful ruling in the Texas and other cases now before it.

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