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April 03, 2006


If anyone's reading--I had a bunch of follow ups to this planned, but the Department of Defense just released over 2000 more pages of documents today. Oy veh.

So this is going to be a slow series.

I'm reading. And grateful to you for writing it.

"And grateful to you for writing it."

So say we all. But possibly it's past time for Katherine to take back the ability to post under her own name again?

Just a suggestion, of course. If she prefers to think of herself as still having Quit Blogging, who am I to quibble?

:-) (We all need our useful fictions; most of us, anyway.)

One other suggestion, which might be worth ignoring, of course: since inevitably someone not sympathetic to your arguments, Katherine, will point out that statements by prisoners -- or, indeed, any human being -- can't simply be accepted automatically as gospel, uttered without bias or free from suspicion of not being the whole truth and nothing butthe truth, that it might be a good idea to pre-emptively acknowledge the point in the first place in your posts, and simply go on to give what you think are good reasons why various claims seem to you nonetheless credible.

Without acknowledging the point pre-emptively, you leave yourself open to the charge that you're simply presenting these statements as The Truth, are being credulous, and so on; I generally find it it's useful to get an inevitable argument out of the way before I have to make it in an inevitable reply in a debate, myself. But, like I said: just a suggestion.

the offer of a wiki is still open if you want to keep your notes there.

There's this, no?

"Obviously, I can’t be certain of their accuracy. I found most of them quite credible, and in some cases there's multiple sources telling the same story, but you'll have to judge for yourself."

I realize that's pretty cursory but it seemed easier to talk about specific cases in individual posts. The ARBs'll also help, once I get to them--someone who tells a consistent story at hearings years apart has more credibility--but it's going to take a while. (They are actually in order though, which helps an awful lot.)

yes it makes sense to have my own passwd, we just haven't got around to it.

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