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April 04, 2006


Fine, Florida deserved to win.

But I doubt I'll ever see a better game of basketball. ??? WTF ???

Only if you never watch basketball again. I saw a dozen better games this very season, if by "better" you mean more competitive. And if by "better" you mean more dominant, more cohesive teamwork, then you obviously have never seen any of dozens of previous NCAA champions, including UCLA ten times. I stopped watching tonight's game because it was obvious that it was, as these things go, betwixt and between - neither truly competitive nor truly dominating, just a game where one team got the upper hand early and retained it. Good for them, but not good watching to a non-partisan fan.

Be happy that your team won. Just don't be ridiculous about it.

Now, now, if they had been in speedos, Slart would have been riveted ;^)

Just don't be ridiculous about it.

As always, I reserve the right to be ridiculous.

Actually, it was one of the worst title games I have watched over the last 40 years.

Not to say Flordia didn't play extremely well, for they did. And they may well have beaten anybody they played last night. But as a game (defined as a competitive contest of skill between two opponents) this was not on the top 30 list.

Oh, there were problems with the officiating for sure. I saw at least a couple of occasions where Florida walked and it wasn't called, and saw many, many more where fouls were committed (both sides) and not called.

Possibly there were other problems, but I think this sort of gap in the game is a natural by-product of when one team has coaching, conditioning, strategy, team-playing, ability and will to win all come together, and the other team doesn't, quite. It kind of reminded me of the 1996 football national championship game, where Florida faced a very strong Florida State team and had their number. It wasn't pretty, if you're a Seminole.

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