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April 28, 2006


Sometimes you have to kill the patient to cure the disease.

Really good post, Hilzoy. I don't say that enough (I don't say anything enough, but that's another story).

Though if the Crony Fairy is Bush, the name-change dodge might actually work.

One of the uncovered stories of this Presidency is the damage done by the Republicans to every federal agency: BLM, Forest Service, EPA, etc.

I doubt that Homeland Security amounts to much, either.

So why do people think Bush is keeping us safe from terrorists?

I don't think that creating a new agency will fix anything.

Of course it won't. This is a standard stupid corporate move. Business not going well? Don't worry about sales, expenses, product design, etc. No.

Reorganize!! Change the signs on the doors. That'll fix it.

Disclaimer: when I dealt with FEMA following my house flooding in 2004, they did their jobs in inspecting the damage and processing requests for both payment and loans perfectly fine and I have no complaints about them.

The history of FEMA seems to follow so many other federal agencies: incompetent in the Reagan/Bush years, competent in the Clinton years, and incompetent again in this decade. Only a blinkered partisan could find any correlation here.

Just another example of the Party of Ideas hard at work with all their Good Ideas.

They also say that the reason for the current budget shortfall is that the mean old Crony Fairy is no longer leaving quarters under their pillows, unlike during the 90s when the Republican Crony Fairy enabled them to balance the budget (its so wrong that Clinton and Dems try to take credit for that!).

The flipside of the Crony Fairy is the total failure of Congress to exercise its oversight function.

Fema was one of several organizations that was significantly improved during the Clinton administration. So was the VA. They both must be destroyed.

The rightist ideology is that government is part of the problem and successful efforts at governance must be destroyed to make it so.

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