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April 04, 2006


While unfortunate 16-year old conscripts who surrender at the first opportunity are undeniably enemy combatants, they are also precisely the kind of people that the Geneva Conventions exist to protect.

If this is the kind of person we are detaining, we need to have a hard think about why we aren't complying with Geneva.

Excellent post. You're doing a great service here.

I think perhaps we should re-examine the assumption that they need to be detained without charge until the end of a war that may not end in our lifetimes.

Maybe I'm picking at the tiniest of nits here, but this phrase leapt out at me. My feeling is that this "war" has been deliberately concocted in such a way that it will not end. And I think that broader assumption needs to be examined at every opportunity.

we need to have a hard think about why we aren't complying with Geneva.

"We" aren't complying because "we" are allowing to stay in office a regime that puts itself above our laws and Constitution. Openly abandoning the Geneva Conventions was just one of the signals that this administration is different from all others.

Another warehouse of clues is the body of four hundred signing statements declaring a nonexistent right for the executive to selectively ignore portions of the laws being signed (compared with 350 signing statements in all previous U.S. history, most not declaring a right to ignore the law being signed and none before the Reagan administration being treated as part of the legislative history).

They've made the the fourth amendment a dead letter as well, and are being allowed to get away with it.

A hard think about the Geneva conventions means not looking at them in isolation.

Katherine, I'm deeply grateful for this series. Thank you.

Here's a story for you, Katherine: CIA made '185 rendition flights through Britain'.

Here is the Amnesty International story, "Below The Radar." You've probably already seen this, I imagine, but probably not everyone has. Here the actual report.


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