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March 25, 2006


Thanks, Slarti. Life is in the details.


There's room in there for the devil _and_ life? Still, must be cozy.

btw, Slarti, did you note my stab at an explanation for the American record the relay team with two non-Americans. I haven't been able to google up anything decisive, but I believe that if it is an American amatuer entity, it would qualify. Also, I think Americans competing in an international competition (so that the world body of which the US body is a member is the sponsoring organization) also can set an American record. Does that make sense? I googled up something about an American 4x100 relay team that was sponsored by a European concern which was not able to get an American record, but I can't find it again.

Kenyon College finished no. 1 for the 27th year in a row for Division 3 schools. No notation of that feat? I don't think any college at any level of any sport can beat that.

Sorry, Moe99, but as impressive as that is, it's still Division 3. If it was a D3 school setting NCAA records, I think that would be another thing entirely. Not diminishing their record, mind you, just noting that they probably wouldn't have scored in the top 20 if they were competing on the D1 level.

I tend to look at performers, not schools, unless it's a school I've got an interest in.

Dang! Posted in the wrong thread -- *this* was the thread I wanted to OT in, 'cause of the sportliness. But what the heck: completely OT, the Cornell-Wisconsin hockey game (for the last seat in the Frozen Four) is about to enter 3OT; now officially the longest scoreless game in NCAA history, currently the third longest game in NCAA history, and almost certain to become at least the second-longest.

Uh...and also slightly OT, I just watched Florida's basketball team make the Final Four. Coolness.

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