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March 16, 2006


Every now and then, I see a "rational" conservative or a naive liberal saying, well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have abortion rights restricted or removed, because then the religious right would be deprived of a core issue and if they try to shift ground to contraception it will be much harder for them to make the case.

But as seen here, the religious right doesn't say, "Give up birth control!" They say "we don't want to encourage promiscuity." Well, gosh, who could argue with that, right? And if they can, they'll chip away at birth control in the name of limiting promiscuity, until effective, available birth control is so rare that people don't really know what they're missing... and THEN they'll try to outlaw it. Look for a massive, nationwide, ongoing campaign about the dangers of promiscuity for young women, decent housewives (you know, the kind without jobs), and most of all, children. Look for badly-done studies linking promiscuity to disease, crime, prostitution, divorce, unwed motherhood, alcoholism, drug abuse, and terrorism, and promising that chastity can cure these ills.

Invest in burkah stock NOW.

Phillips is literally breeding votes against her. Not a winning strategy.

Driving on the left is always an affront to the Laws of God and Nature, whether done by people who speak American badly or the ones in front of me in the passing lane.

Umm, how public do the wingnuts have to get before the "inevitable backlash" begins? I may get started on a diatribe about the "women's movement" any moment. Hey, Democrats get 90% plus of the black vote. Even rich blacks have a loyalty and a sense of community, shared interests, empathy.

How are NARAL and NOW doing? What the hell have y'all been doing for thirty years?

For a second while writing a glimmer of hope ran thru my head, with the 60% of law students being women. Naw, ain't worth much if 2/3 are white-shoe-firm Republicans.

This is just so damned stupid. If you're a woman under the age of, say, 45, the basic prescription you need unless you actually might have a medical problem is birth control. Unless of course you're actually promiscuous, in which case you need an unlimited quantity of condoms, dental dams, and very regular STD testing, all of which I'm in favor of.

What's probably operative here is two-fold: a desire to pander to those who believe BC pills to be immoral or early abortions, and a a desire to pander to those who want to limit "entitlements" and perceive BC as representing more of a cost than it actually does.

Also, OT: hilzoy and Charles, I tagged you with a meme, if you hadn't already noticed.

Actually I am glad that this sort of measure is passing because it shows what the GOP really is. They will lose the middle over this kind of legislation.

Jackmormon: I've been to 41 states and DC. (And in less than a month, I'll be up to 42 -- conference in Idaho.) It would take a while...

Just one wafer-thin sentence?

It actually goes a lot faster than you think, hil. Just get a list of all the states from a webpage and go down and quickly write one thing that sticks in your mind. The harder states are the ones where you have lived because you have to pick and choose.

I'll take a wild stab here and say Missouri's also not keen on funding housing, health, and food assistance to low-income families.

What is it about RW panty-sniffers? Why are they obssessed with other peoples' sexuality? At what point did "Christian morality" degenerate into being about nothing but sex? I don't remember Jesus nattering on and on about sex; are there entire chapters of the New Testament I'm unfamiliar with?

A woman who's in my vanpool was telling us about one of her clients, another woman who works for the US military in a civilian capacity, who just came back from a 6-month stint in Kuwait. Arabic Muslim countries are as sexually repressive as the RW would like America to be, and this woman had some fascinating stories about how the people of Kuwait live with that.

You've probably heard about some of this; how women in Arab countries wear burkhas in public, but have Western clothing underneath for when they go to clubs. In Kuwait, the "clubs" are giant hotels which are more like self-contained resorts. Women and men go to these resort-hotels, and cast off their social strictures along with their culturally-mandated clothing. Married women pick up foreigners (men or women, most often Americans) at the poolside and vanish with them into their rooms; their husbands do the same thing. And this, mind you, in a country where the penalty for getting caught is likely to be death, esp. for the women.

Repression doesn't work. The more repressed a culture is in public, the more people act out once they're in private. The Victorian era was (in)famous for its public-decorum/private-depravity.

I don't wonder why professional prudes keep forgetting that. For one thing, most of them don't live by the standards they insist on for others; they're so bent themselves they can't think clearly at all. What I do wonder is why society at large keeps forgetting that, and keeps insisting on restrictions that don't work, never have worked, and mostly have the opposite of the allegedly-intended effect.

One of the running jokes I see on is that Dubai is where wealthy Saudis go to escape the religious strictures they help support in order to preserve their privileges.

Increasingly, though, I'm beginning to think that the public health vs. first-principles morality arguments, which are being conducted before the public health costs of the results of the first-principle legal strictures have been made clear, have been totally fantastical. Instead of debating principles with anti-abortion, anti-contraception activists, I really do think that women who would like to have the right to legal abortions or subsidized birth control should resort to historical and sociological lines of argumentation.

Oh no! Did that close the link to 'Aqoul? If not, oh moderator, help?

I Don't see the problem, this is what the fine people of Missouri voted for.

Jackmormon: This is just so damned stupid. If you're a woman under the age of, say, 45, the basic prescription you need unless you actually might have a medical problem is birth control.

Heh. *waves*

There is also the option of becoming a lesbian. Perhaps we should start active recruitment in Missouri. *makes note to order more toasters*

Er, toasters? I am baffled.

Toaster ovens!

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