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March 19, 2006


I read it via Mememorandum, myself. Dunno if you saw this piece which has been up since Friday night. Ditto this.

The whole system is inherently corrupt, and has been pretty much forever. But I also continue to point to the fact that our Congressional system, thanks to current rules, and to gerrymandering, has less turnover than the Soviet Congress of Deputies ever did (I forget the precise current rate, but it's something like a 96-7% re-election rate last I looked), and moreover we now have a lot of hereditary seats.

That life blithely goes on as if this wasn't a completely corrupt and pretty much inoperable (in terms of "serving the people") system is... well, words fail me. And that's even before we get to the vast problems of Republican abuse (what can you say when Republican committee chairmen call the Capitol police to have their opponents arrested in the middle of meetings for objecting to procedures?, just to point to one little example) we've seen in the last decade.

There's a reason I keep this quote from Gibbon on my sidebar: "Augustus was sensible that mankind is governed by names; nor was he deceived in his expectation, that the senate and people would submit to slavery, provided they were respectfully assured that they still enjoyed their ancient freedom."

Oh, and I also pointed to this little bit of typical Boehnerism yesterday. Yeah, he's going to do a fine job of un-corrupting the system. You betcha.

And who is going to play the role of trying to get the Republican Presidential nomination with one goal allegedly going to be to fix the corruption? Newt Gingrich. Hey, if a trick works once, why not twice? So he figures, anyway. Though I can't wait until he speaks more, again, about family values.

The Party is in power. We have seen McCain change to suit one aspect; the people in your post are more corruptees than corruptors. Not that they are victims, but that there is a entry fee for real participation. I repeat: it is so far gone that individuals are no longer corrupting the Party but being corrupted by it. Bush and Rove and Frist and DeLay are no longer in power;the Party is in power. The base pushes upward with ever-increasing expectations.

Democratic corruption lies in acquiescence, acceptance, and passivity in exchange for maintaining or survival. They must surrender and betray their constituencies to keep their jobs. The base pulls downward with disappointed expectations.

Probably want to read this further on Mitchell J. Wade and MZM's work for the Pentagon.

A review of the rise and fall of Wade and his company, based on interviews and MZM and government documents, shows that bribing Cunningham was only one part of Wade's formula for success. His firm, which had no prime federal contracts in fiscal 2002, collected more than $170 million over the next three years, thanks not just to Cunningham, but also to Wade's ability to take practices common among government contractors and push them to the limit.
Great place to work if you liked having a title:
He freely distributed title and rank, appointing more than 100 vice presidents, executive vice presidents and "senior executive vice presidents" in a company of about 400 people.
Can we call be senior executive vice presidents of ObWi?

Wade pleaded guilty to four felony counts for his role in bribing Cunningham, by the way. Think he's the only one out there who has found this past to successful entrepreneurship?

Doolittle's district is just upstream of mine (many of our local political pissing matches threaten to fill the rivers to flood stage), so I'll be watching this race very closely. I'm somewhat disheartened with the battle over HR1606 though. It seems that threatening incumbents is a good way to see the full flowering of bipartisanship.

Think he's the only one out there who has found this past to successful entrepreneurship?

Just a few bad apples, I tell you. The vast majority are patriotic Americans. Just ask them...

Today's Washington Post has a very good in depth piece on DeLay's former aide Edwin Buckham, and some interesting money trails. It can be found at:

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