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March 28, 2006


Change for the sake of change? If Bolten had actually proven himself as a fiscal conservative in his current position I would say Yay.

Bush does seem to insulate himself with friends and long time allies. Although I guess Chief of Staff is more of a friend/advisor role than many other positions.

I don’t see anything changing unless he really shakes things up and brings in some fresh blood, mainly in his cabinet.

Mark Kleiman's comment from a couple of weeks ago seems relevant:

There's nothing wrong with saying "No comment" or telling less than the whole truth, in this case by letting Allen resign "by mutual agreement" or "for personal reasons." But flat mendacity should carry a penalty.

The alternative — the current situation, in which lies are routine and do not draw any negative consequences on the teller — is grossly unfair to the innocent. Remember, it was widely suspected when Allen quit that there was something discreditable behind it, just as the resignation of Gale Norton is causing some people to predict her indictment in the Abramoff scandal. The same thing is happening to Trent Duffy. You ought to be able to quit your job in Washington without people asking "What did he get caught at?"

I’m sure plenty of folks will expect new scandal.

"He's been here 5-1/2 years. The average tenure of chief of staff is two years"

I’ll leave it at that for now. One of the longest tenures in history. Long hours and high stress for over 5 years – if you reach a point where it doesn’t seem like you are effective any more its time to bail.

The other point is that his (Bush) own party has been pressuring him to shake things up – this would seem to be a fop to them.

Personally, I don't expect scandal. I'm inclined to think that Bush's poll numbers are explanation enough for someone high up leaving.

Well, I've already read five news articles on it, and there are a couple of dozen more on Memeorandum, and hundreds more on Google News, and umpty dozens, soon to be hundreds, of blog posts about it, and hundreds of news column/commentary pieces about it.

I don't have anything left to say. I doubt there's anything left to say. It's about as non-surprising as news gets, other than "peace not on the horizon in the mideast" and "scandal in Congress."

But I'm also grumpy with exhaustion, so never mind.

"Bolten is among the most respected officials within the administration and a trusted confidant of the president's..."

And this is, to some degree, the problem with this appointment, though not necessarily with the appontee.

Based on history, one remains a "trusted confidant" of the president by not disagreeing with him or giving him news he doesn't want to hear. The Bubble Reign continues.

Rumsfeld should also have resigned.

CB, I totally agree with you, although to hear Rumsfeld say it, he has offered to, but Bush has refused to accept it. Just last week Bush once again said Rumsfeld was doign an excellent job.

Of course, my view is this whole administration should resign, but that may be a little too drastic.

My first supposition would be exhaustion. There have been stories of Card over-working himself for years.

I have also not heard the kind of stories I heard in previous administrations about Card having strong control of access. My impression is that Bush and Rove control most access.

So no big deal.

I'm of a mind with most of the others--this is a non-story. One trusted Bush insider replaced by another trusted Bush insider doesn't foretell much of anything--like John Miller said, Bush is going to stay in his insulated bubble and lack someone on his staff willing to give it to him straight.

I have no opinion on Bolten himself. If they'd replaced him with "new blood", as it were, I might be tempted to make more of this.

And yeah, Rumsfeld still needs to go. That Bush refused to accept his resignation (if indeed Rumsfeld was telling the truth about that), that's just another indicator of how unfit Bush's judgement is.

Speaking of Rumsfeld:

"If I were grading, I would say we probably deserve a D or a D-plus as a country as to how well we're doing in the battle of ideas that's taking place in the world today."

That comes awfully close to self-assessment of the administration for Rumsfeld, no?

"...that's just another indicator of how unfit Bush's judgement is."

Rumsfeld is doing the job to Bush's complete satisfaction. After six years, one would think that would be accepted and understood.

Insert here the four words that may not be spoken.

Bolten is among the most respected officials within the administration and a trusted confidant of the president's--not at all the kind of independent, outside voice that some pundits have said the White House should bring on board.

This just seems self-contradictory.

Other thna that, after hearing about his schedule (4:30 am to 11pm every day?) I'm surprised he lasted (literally) this long. Let me join the chorus in asking why it's okay for him to leave, but Rummy stays?

Count me as one more vote for this being a nonstory...one suckup replaced with another in a game of Musical Sycophants. But it's being made to look like a story: Bush isn't insulated, he's on top of things and he knows the people are hungry for change! You have been heard, America!

Why can't Rumsfeld resign? Simple: because there have been a number of people explicitly calling for his resignation. "Allowing" him to resign would thus be a capitulation, which is unthinkable. On the other hand, showing Card the door (or allowing him to resign) is cost-free: was there anybody out there, left or right, calling for his scalp?

Besides which, I don't really care if Rumsfeld moves on to a life of golf, lobbying, and $50,000-a-pop speaking engagements now or in 3 years. The only place I "want" to see Rumsfeld is in the dock in the Hague...anything short of that is uninteresting.

And finally, to Gary Farber: I'm stealing "Umpty Dozens" as a name for my next band. Hope you don't mind.

All above is CW and no doubt true: to be expected, very long time in very stressful job, etc.

But let us not also forget the green, green pastures of consulting and lobbying that beckon oh so temptingly. IIRC, the ban on lobbying your old agency -- in this case, the Preznit his own bubbly self -- is considerably less than three years, leaving him plenty of time to cash in at the very top of the scale, and of course meanwhile he can rub elbows on the Capitol and in other lesser places.

There is for sure a strong element of Maximizing The Payoff in this. I wouldn't expect ol' Andy -- former Big Auto and Big Oil lobbyist, in case anyone had forgotten -- to take TOO long a vacation.

was there anybody out there, left or right, calling for his scalp?
Hard to know how much is retroactive adjustment of beliefs to fit the current White House position, but there is this. (Also, I've never been completely convinced that Leonidas isn't a parody.)

My candidate band name is the name of a plant I saw last weekend at the Disney Wilderness Preserve:

Elliot's Love Grass

I've linked this before, but here is Bilmon's take on how many watts Card represents. Conclusion: not a whole lot.

Insert here the four words that may not be spoken.

"Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"?
"Less Filling! Tastes Great!"?
"I like Michael Savage"?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Any possible connection between Card's resignation and Rove's ratting out Dick Cheney's staff? Serious question: is the President's Chief of Staff in any way connected to the Vice President's Chief of Staff?

the president's agenda, which he described as protecting Americans at home, promoting freedom abroad and expanding economic prosperity.

That's the president's agenda, is it? I don't know that I'd have surmised that based on the available real-world evidence.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Aren't those just three sentences that all say the same thing?

Nonstory, sure, but a few months back, there were indications that Card was trying to form a counterforce to Rove. It was always clear who was going to win *that* fight.

"That Bush refused to accept his resignation (if indeed Rumsfeld was telling the truth about that), that's just another indicator of how unfit Bush's judgement is."

It seems to me that: a) Bush doesn't want to dramatically change policy in Iraq, but simply go on with the sort of evolutionary changes that DoD tells him they want to make, and that given "a," that b) Rumsfeld serves an incredibly useful purpose in being a lightning rod for Bush in deflecting an awful lot of criticism and vilification away from Bush and onto Rumsfeld.

Thus, it doesn't seem to me that absent wanting to make dramatic changes in Iraq policy, in which case firing Rumsfeld as the scapegoat for Bush's own policies would be quite useful, that it wouldn't be useful at all to Bush for Bush to fire Rumsfeld, and install someone who will more or less largely continue the same policies, and thus serve to bring the main target of attention, or at least that part of it which has been focused on Rumsfeld, back over to Bush.

(I actually think that a fair amount of what Rumsfeld tried to do re RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs)/"transformation" is more or less a good idea, though sometimes misapplied, particularly as regards some of how it affected ideas about Iraq, and often simply deflected by inertia of the military-industrial complex, and that it's been Rumsfeld's primary concern all along, with Iraq seen as a major distraction from the Main Task, which has resulted in him failing in Iraq and somewhat failing at a lot of RMA, though trying to turn the whale of the m-i complex is a herculean, if not sisyphean task, in the first place, but I digress.)

Anyway, it's possible that Bush may find it useful sometime in the next year to dump Rumsfeld, too, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't, either.

Tangentially, I've mentioned on my blog that I've reading Woodward's Plan Of Attack (rather than just all the excerpts discussed in the press), prepartory to reading Cobra II, and hope to have the energy to discuss some points some time, if I can ever get back to being awake/non-exhausted more than two hours a day, but I'd be surprised at how much attention stuff is currently being given in the press to stuff that was perfectly well-known back a couple of years ago via Woodward and other reporters, were it not for the fact that that's perfectly normal dynamic. But Bush's arc to war has long been closely documented; the current details being discussed are simply that, details, and nothing new whatever, I observe incidentally.

"And finally, to Gary Farber: I'm stealing "Umpty Dozens" as a name for my next band. Hope you don't mind."

Just send me a good mix CD when you have one. I'll forgo asking for a few bux donation until your album goes platinum or you're rolling in dough.

It's a deal.

While we're doing the Republican People Page, be it noted that Cap Weinberger has died.

As has Lyn Nofziger.

That's the president's agenda, is it?

Well, it certainly isn't protecting Americans at abroad and promoting freedom at home.

Now taking bets on # 3?

Bob McManus: Insert here the four words that may not be spoken.

Cheney is really president?

The buck stops there?

Impeach them all now?


Anderson: Nonstory, sure, but a few months back, there were indications that Card was trying to form a counterforce to Rove. It was always clear who was going to win *that* fight.

Ah. Yes, well. Thanks for the link - I seem to vaguely recollect it being blogged about at the time, but could not have pulled up the details.

Do I dare to say "impeach?"
He shall wear orange jumpsuit trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the barmaids singing, each to each.

I do not think that they will sing to me.

(Most poignant line in all literature, IMHO)

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Kurt Vonnegut, Friedrich Nietzsche, Isaac Azimov, William Burroughs, Mondo 2000, The Bible, Mike Davis, Ted Kaczynski, Zygmunt Bauman, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Jacques Derrida, Joseph Campbell, etc., etc. – put them all in a blender.

You may all like to check out Martin Prochazka’s (Dept. of English and American Studies, Charles University, Prague) recent work on apocalyptic discourse.

"Isaac Azimov"

Ah, yes, the guy related to Robert Hienlien, Ursula Leguin, J. R. R. Tolkein, and Arthur C. Clark.

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