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March 20, 2006


I know I should be shocked, but face it, the Bush administrationsimply doesn't care about policy. It cares about presentation of policy. If it cuts explicit spending, even if it's counterproductive and a miniscule amount anyway, then it can say it's getting a grip on the deficit.

Just more corruption. While the program saves money overall, it's not money you can funnel to your cronies, so the Repubs don't particularly care. Besides, I seriously doubt that anyone in this administration has a thought horizon that extends much beyond next week, so any consequences are invisible.

A lollipop to the first commenter who links us to an economist explaining how this screening doesn't really make economic sense anyway.

This cut was most likely designed to fail. It's a gambit so common that I doubt I need to explain it.

On the other hand, this explains a lot.

"It takes my breath away."

Well, all government monies for supplying your breathing tube have been zeroed out. But your relatives will be accused of murder for not supplying a very expensive breathing tube.

Better that millions die of cancer, uninsured, destitute, and in excrutiating pain under the magic of the free market and with God's will, than a government program be permitted to succeed. Murdering the poor makes for fewer Democrats.

Bush also cut the NCI budget and held the NIH budget steady, after a cut last year. Neither move makes sense. Cancer is the number 1 or number 2 killer of US-Americans and, while the survival rate is going up, the incidence rate is going up faster. Nor are US-Americans so healthy in general that cutting the NIH buget* makes any sense. What is any given person in the US more likely to die from: terrorism or heart disease?

*No increase is effectively a cut given inflation.

What else is new? The Bush administration likes to propose new programs that are supposed to help people. The legislation gets passed and then the administration moves to cut it. They get to have their cake and eat it too. They can claim that they're helping people while actually screwing them over. Most Americans don't have the time to follow the legislation to make sure it's being funded. The Dems also don't seem overeager to call the Repubs on it. I guess they assume that the voters don't care.

"Bush also cut the NCI budget and held the NIH budget steady, after a cut last year. Neither move makes sense."

It's the latest iteration of the plan to cut the alleged looming Social Security deficit.

You would think anyone with morals would ask: "Hell, why not add another $1.4 million and save even more women's lives, and cut some fat from a failing government program?"

I do not understand why this does not happen.

Maybe Laura Bush should volunteer to give up her mammogram and yearly OBGYN check up since early detection seems unimportant to them.

Working in cancer research and oncology wards everyday I see the vital importance of early detection. We have spent countless hundreds of millions of dollars on cancer research. A vast amount of money is spent on developing new and improved early detection technologies--- BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY WORK!

How stupid...

and besides $1.4 million dollars is like the penny I have in my pocket right now.

We are led by people who don't trust government at all. Evidence to the contrary does not do much with people basically putting their fingers in their ears and saying "la la la" when reality contrasts with their sentiments.

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